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What is laminate flooring? Construction and description.

Laminate flooring is the cheapest among wood flooring. It can be called parquet only with a stretch: there is no valuable wood in it. It resembles a solid board or parquet only with decor. However, the demand for laminate flooring is great because it is very inexpensive. And outwardly, again, it looks like natural parquet. And besides, according to some indicators, it is more reliable than parquet or solid boards.

Laminate flooring construction

Laminate flooring is made on the basis of high-density fiberboard and, like parquet board, consists of several layers. Each has its own purpose.

The bottom layer stabilizes and protects the board from deformation. In addition, it increases the rigidity of the board.

The carrier layer (it is made of high-density fiberboard) performs the most important functions. In fact, this is the board itself. A lock is cut into the carrier layer, which holds the panels together during installation.

The decorative layer is a layer of paper with a wood pattern applied to it. It is very similar in appearance as vinyl plank flooring, but which is better vinyl plank or laminate flooring? We will discuss laminate in this topic only.

Laminate is similar to natural parquet precisely because of it.

The top layer is protective. It is made from melamine or acrylic resin. Protects the board from abrasion and helps withstand shock loads.

What is a laminate grade?

The Calypso laminate flooring portland or class is a summary indicator of the laminate floor’s consumer characteristics, which determine its purpose. The service class is calculated on the basis of its wear resistance, impact resistance, moisture resistance, etc.

Class 31 is the cheapest. But it can only be used in rooms with low operating load. For example, at home in the bedroom, in the living room. Maybe in the nursery, if you put a rug on it. check for Recommended hardwood floor refinishing and sanding company in queens ny.

Grade 33 – this laminated flooring will withstand heavy loads. It makes sense to use it in large offices with a lot of people and movement.Grade 32 – This laminate is for medium-duty rooms. Suitable for use in small offices, or at home in the kitchen.

34th grade – such a laminate is used in places of mass visits of people (for example, shopping centers). This parquet is suitable for cleaning with industrial washing machines.

What are the benefits of laminate flooring?

Price is not the main advantage of laminated parquet. If, except for the price, everything was bad for this floor, no one would buy it. However, this coating has its advantages, which are more than compensated for by the fact that this floor is not natural and “almost not parquet”:

Resistance and resistance to long-term loads. Impact resistance;

Resistant to stains, Resistant to chemicals;

Easy to lay.

Thermal conductivity (you can lay this board on a warm floor)

UV resistant – the laminate does not fade

In addition, the laminate does not require sanding.

In general, laminated parquet is probably the ideal floor for an office or home, for which you do not have long plans, or are not sure what your taste will be in 10-15 years. Laminate flooring will serve you faithfully for up to two decades, and then you replace it with either another laminate or a more durable floor.

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