Tuesday, May 21

What Makes the Best Garage Conversions

Can we transform a garage into a living room? The answer is yes, but you have to know the tricks to carry out these renovations. For a studio, a bedroom, a bathroom or even an apartment, the garage can be transformed as you wish.

  • Does your house have a garage that you don’t use?
  • To gain additional m2, why not transform your garage into a living room?

An additional bedroom, a second living room or an independent studio, the possibilities are endless. But renovating your garage is not done without a few thoughts upstream, because it is a room that is not, basically, thought to accommodate a daily living space. With the garage conversions you can have the finer options.

Discover our tips for successful work and planning the right budget. For this type of arrangement, call on a general building company or a craftsman specialized in this kind of work.

What solutions for what constraints?

When you visualize your rough and concrete garage, you probably have trouble imagining a cozy living room, a cocooning bedroom or even a welcoming office.

Although this room already contains the essentials: walls, a roof and a floor, everything remains to be done.

  • How to build a long garage?
  • Can we arrange an apartment in a garage? What are the tricks to make the room brighter?
  • How to hide the visible pipes ?

We have prepared a small summary table with the questions you can ask yourself and the constraints that you must overcome:

Solutions and Techniques

  • Your garage is dark
  • You will need to replace the garage door.
  • Opt for a bay window or a window favoring space on the glass surface, for example.
  • Do not forget the solutions such as light pipes, practical and economical.
  • You also have the option of creating a new opening in the wall most exposed to the sun.

Your house is old

Beware of materials such as lead or asbestos, they must be removed and by a team of specialized professionals.

  • The pipes are visible
  • Make forms to hide them
  • The room is long and not very wide
  • You can “cut” it using partitions , more or less opaque.

Play with the patterns, a floor with wooden planks ( PVC or parquet) oriented in the width direction and it is a room that visually seems wider.

The garage is neither insulated nor heated

Either connect the room to your current heating system or install an individual electric heater.Isolation is important, it is a position not to be underestimated. You can insulate inside or outside.

What price per m2 to transform a garage into a living room?

The price of transforming a garage into a living room is on average between 200 and 900 € per m2.The price will vary depending on the type of room you are going to furnish. A bedroom will require less work than a studio, for example.For a 20 m2 garage, an average budget of € 4,000 to € 18,000 will be required to make it a living room.

The pros & cons of a garage conversion

Transforming your garage into a living room is a project that gives you the fishing and the heart at work. It is a practical solution which allows you to use the present and already almost ready surface to accommodate a bedroom , an office , a living room, a gym or any other room that you need.