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What to do for maintaining a tennis court

maintaining a tennis court

One can face numerous challenges when it comes to the maintenance of a tennis court. If you want your tennis court to look engaging throughout the year, you need to focus on a few “how to maintain a tennis court” guidelines.

Regular maintenance of the tennis court guarantees the surface doesn’t turn slippery for the players. Hence, it is all up to you whether you want to make your tennis court free from risks or not. The exposure of moss and algae can be observed in the court if it is not used for a very long time. Therefore, it is acknowledged as a more significant issue. We have made a list of things required for your tennis court maintenance.

  1. Tools

It is apparent that you will need specific tools for maintaining a tennis court. But it depends upon the seriousness of the maintenance. There might be trees around your tennis court; it means that the court may get filled with leaves in the autumn season. Moss and algae are likely to grow if there is a deficit of fresh air. You may definitely require tools for cleaning the surface. The items can be leaf blower, long-handled brush, stiff scrubbing brush, spade, bean bags, or sprayer. All these items can act as a helping hand in maintaining your tennis court.

  1. Find and remove debris

It is necessary to take out the debris before you think of cleaning the tennis court’s surface. The debris you may find inside the court can be leaves, trash, stagnant water, etc. Always keep a bin bag with you, particularly for collecting the leaves. It would be better to remove all the debris from the site to prevent risks. Once you are through, it’s time to clean the surface accurately.

What can be the cost of tennis court resurfacing?

Cracks appear on the surface of the tennis court with time because of the increase and tightening of the surface. Other factors leading to cracks include plants and roots.

A surface designed by employing non-natural sand filling needs a specialized maintenance plan. Such a plan should involve the use of a drag brush and mat to run on the artificial turf fibres. It can even help in the reorganization of the sand infill completely. The tennis court resurfacing costs can range from $4000 to $8000, depending on several factors. Get in touch with the expert tennis court surfacing contractors to know the ideal cost.