Monday, June 24

What to do if you have water damage

water damage is a very common disaster that your property can experience in Davis County. Whether facing a storm, leaking roof, leaking HVAC pipes, overflowing appliances, or sewage backup, water damage could occur, causing havoc on your possessions. It is crucial to handle your emergency right away to prevent additional property damage.

Here are four steps to keep in mind if you experience a flood.

1. Protect yourself and your items

Rescue the most precious things, such as electronics or documents. You want to get that out of harm’s way as quickly as you can. Shut off the power by turning the circuit breakers off before unplugging devices that got wet. Move any damp furniture out of flooded areas.

2. Stop the flow and eliminate future damages

The origin of the water issue must be recognized and stopped to prevent the destruction from continuing. The most likely source of water damage could be a hot water tank that is leaking or a burst pipe. Find the source and close the valves. After you stop the flow, keep a lookout for signs of mold because that can cause issues for your health.

3. Dry out items that got wet

Place fans and dehumidifiers around the room to help dry out the water. Another option is to turn your air conditioner on to help with the humidity. If you still need air movement, check with the restoration team servicing Davis County for their professional-grade equipment.

4. Clean and Restore Your Premises

Determine what is worth saving and discard anything that is overly damaged or unsafe to use. Moisture can get into places that are not easy to see or find. It would be a good idea to bring in professionals servicing Davis County because they have special equipment to get into places like drywall, insulation, flooring, carpet, and baseboards.

For handling any emergency that arises in your home or business, take immediate action to stop the devastation. It would be smart to have a plan ahead of time, but in reality, it takes something bad happening to prepare for future events. Nevertheless, do not hesitate to take action as the situation gets worse the longer you wait. Unless you are ready for this kind of situation, it can be overwhelming and upsetting to tackle a disaster on your property, which may lead to delays. Making plans ahead of time to be prepared for an emergency may go a long way toward eliminating property damage from water in Davis County.

Delta Restoration Services has the experts and equipment to clean up water damage that has occurred in Davis County.