Monday, June 24

What to Expect in the Bathroom Renovation Process

Over time, the colours in your bathroom fade, the décor requires an update, and the tub gets outdated. If this is the situation in your bathroom, it might be time to consider a renovation salle de bain Armoires En Gros. Before you jump into it, you should know what to expect once the renovation crew comes in and updates your bathroom. Knowing these will help you prepare for the renovation and avoid feeling overwhelmed in the process:

First Steps

No matter how simple your bathroom renovation is, you should hire an experienced renovator. You must sit down with them and discuss what you want your new bath to have and look like. It is imperative to choose a renovator who listens to you and considers your ideas. Before you develop a layout or consider the fixtures and finishes for your bathroom, ensure your contractor understands your wants and goals. This way, they can deliver an outcome you will be happy about.

Make Design Decisions

This stage is about picking styles, matching colours, choosing a palette, and making other design-related decisions. If you do not like these things, you can turn to your renovator for assistance. They can make a lot of these decisions for you or help narrow your options down. How much you will be involved in the design process is up to you. 

Choose a Builder

When your bathroom design is complete, you must meet with several builders. This is the stage of the renovation when you realise the financial reality of your project. You need a builder to provide you with an estimate or bid according to the plans. If you choose to work with a design-build company, it will handle both design and construction. 

Construction Starts

At this stage, you have made all major design decisions and the right plan for your new bathroom. When construction begins, do not make changes to the design midway through the process because this will cost more and may delay your project. 

If you have chosen a renovator that can prioritise your project and focus on it every day, there should be no delay in the construction schedule. The final step is to have a final walk-through with your hired builder. This lets you inspect the work they have completed and determine items that must be addressed. A great bathroom renovator will schedule regular meetings with you to address concerns as they go.