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What to Look for During a House Rental Tour

What to Look for During a House Rental Tour

Finding a rental home that not only aligns with your budget but also your lifestyle is a fine art that involves more than just clicking through listings online. To really gauge if a rental is right for you, an in-person tour is often an invaluable part of the process. This walkthrough allows you to assess the property up close, engage with the leasing agent or landlord, and truly visualise yourself living in the space.

But what exactly should you be looking for when you step inside a potential future home?

The Importance of In-Person Visits

While technology has made it easier to view properties online, nothing can replace the insight you gain from an actual visit. Pictures may not do justice to the space, or conversely, they can be misleading. There’s also the added advantage of experiencing the neighbourhood, and the “vibe” of the place, something that’s impossible to discern from a listing.

Points to Consider

Here’s a comprehensive guide to ensure that your rental tour is both effective and efficient:

Exterior and Structural Integrity

  • Roof Condition: Check for signs of leaks, damaged tiles, or patches.
  • Garden & Landscape: Is it well-maintained? Will you have to maintain it?
  • Parking: Is there ample parking space, and is it secure?


  • Locks and Security Systems: Make sure all locks are sturdy and functional – an alarm system is a plus.
  • Neighbourhood Safety: Take note of the neighbourhood, especially if you are touring during the day but will mostly be home during the night.


  • Natural Light & Ventilation: Does the home have adequate windows? Are they properly sealed?
  • Floor Condition: Check for signs of wear, tear, or damage.
  • Appliances & Fixtures: Test all the appliances and fixtures to ensure they are in good working condition.
  • Storage Space: Is there enough storage for your needs?

Lease Terms and Costs

  • Rent: Is it competitive with other houses for rent in California Gully?
  • Utility Costs: Are utilities included in the rent? If not, what is the average cost?
  • Lease Duration: How flexible are the terms?

Immediate Environment

  • Noise Levels: Are you near a busy street, or perhaps a school?
  • Public Transport: Is the rental near a bus stop or subway station?
  • Local Amenities: How far are the closest grocery stores, hospitals, or schools?

Questions to Ask

  • What’s included in the rent?: Clarify what you are getting for your monthly rent.
  • Maintenance Requests: What is the process for getting repairs done?
  • What are the penalties for breaking the lease early?

Take Notes and Pictures

Given that you might be touring multiple properties, keeping notes can be helpful. Take pictures of any noteworthy features or potential problem areas.

Ready to get started?

Taking the time to conduct a thorough house rental tour can save you from future headaches and regrets. It’s about more than just the price and the number of bedrooms; it’s about how well the property aligns with your life. Keep these tips in mind, and you’ll be well on your way to finding your next home sweet home.