Monday, June 24

What to look for in a house  

If you are considering moving homes you should find yourself one of the best real estate agents Gisborne has, or where you are located. They can help you with the whole process, from narrowing down what it is you need in your new home, to a better idea of location and then in the search for something that suits your budget too. They also have experience with things like negotiations, inspections and other details of buying a property. When you are looking there is more to a home than just how many rooms it has and how big the garden is, though those are important factors. Here are some of the other things to also think about before you rush to put in an offer.


There is a reason property shows are always going on about it. It is a crucial aspect of choosing a property that you will love even if there are imperfections in the home. The neighbourhood, the scenery, the crime rates, the schools, is it pet friendly, how close to work are you, is there local transport if you do not drive? These are things to think about with the location. You might want to be within walking distance of a local pub, or the same for a public library. Are the gardens well maintained or is there a lot of junk in them?

How is the house positioned?

As well as its location how the house sits on the land is another thing to think about. Is there a direction you want your home facing in? Would there be the kind of view that is important to you? Are you too close to next door with them able to look into your new home? Does the garden get the right sun for your needs? If you have specific needs tell your Woodend real estate agents so they choose as such when taking you to see homes.

Does it have the curb appeal you want?

Curb appeal is literally the attractiveness of the outside of the house from the curb. Do you love it when you pull up outside it? Is it your kind of style? Curb appeal is more important to some than others.

How many beds and baths does it have?

Of course, it needs to have enough beds for the number of people living with you, but what about future plans? If you might have children or have plans to move in an elderly parent, then you might night an extra bedroom. Look at their size too and consider if there are enough bathrooms for you.

Is the house laid out in a way you like?

Real estate agents Gisborne can talk to you about the floor plan of potential houses so you can work out if the flow of the home and how you would decorate means it would work for you. The kitchen for many needs to be a certain size and needs to have enough storage. Does it have enough windows? Are there enough electrical outlets and are they in the right places for your electronic needs?


With experienced Woodend real estate agents you can get help at every step and find the right home.