Wednesday, April 17

What tools do I need for hardwood flooring installation?

Which Tools Do You Need to Install Engineered Hardwood Floors? - City Floor  Supply Blog

So you saw your neighbors install hardwood flooring in their house, and ever since then, you’ve wanted something similar as well. A common case, whenever a man is presented with something revolutionary, it makes them want to get the same. Which is perfectly fine. Hardwood flooring is the latest trend in stylistic houses, and it really shows! If you’re someone trying to get into hardwood flooring, and then rejoice, this guide will help you know exactly what tools you should be looking out for.

Most people believe hardwood flooring adds incredible warmth and style to the house. Not only is it quite durable, but it’s quite prevalent in a lot of colors.

Getting the tools

It’s normal to have a lot of tools at one disposal, especially when living on your own. Being handy with tools goes a long way and is usually useful too, making you quite handy in a lot of different situations.

If you want to get into hardwood flooring installation, naturally you’ll need a lot of tools at your disposal. However, this article will cover only the necessities.

Safety first

Let’s start from the basics of the basics. Safety first. The first thing any handyman must do is ensure their own safety. Wear safety goggles and gloves, you want to avoid hurting yourself. Eye injuries, especially, are quite common in this type of work, so you want to avoid any piece of wood accidentally entering your eye and causing irreparable damage.

If you’re working in an area with a lot of dust, you might also consider getting gas masks.

Now wear the rest of the gear, and remember to keep an Electrical tester with you. You want to make sure you don’t accidentally shock yourself in this process.

Remember that hardwood flooring is, in a way, an investment. It’s something you want to make sure sticks around for a long time. So, for that, get some wood moisture meters. You also want to get a tape measure, which is very important as you’ll be taking a lot of measurements. Get a level with you as well as it will help you see if the boards are flat or not. Now get some spacers because when placing the boards, we might want to also insert spacers first. This is because they serve as expansion gaps preventing your hardwood flooring from expanding.

Other important tools are the saw, which is used for cutting things. A mallet for hammering down the boards and nails. Getting a nail gun can also be quite useful. Get a trowel so you can safely put the adhesive on the ground.

Hopefully, by getting these tools, you’re able to complete your own hardwood flooring!