Wednesday, April 17

What Utilities Do I Need for a New House?

While the pandemic probably slowed it down some, about 40 million Americans change homes each year. Some move across the country to take that great new job. Other people just upgrade to a nicer apartment or a bigger house.

While you go through all the steps necessary to move, such as packing up your belongings and scheduling movers, it’s easy to overlook something like setting up utilities for your new place.

Not entirely sure what utilities you’ll need? Keep reading for a quick breakdown of the big ones.


Almost everyone needs water utilities set up when they first move into a new place, whether it’s an apartment or a home. The vast majority of homes get their water from a municipal water supply, which a local water utility company typically handles. The only exception to this happens with rural homes that use a residential well on the property for their water supply.


The big utility that you cannot forget about setting up is electrical service. Almost everything in your home will depend on it to some extent.

Minimally, you need it for many appliances and electronic devices. You’ll also need it for heating and cooling to run the AC unit and the blower. It may also provide you with heat if your home or apartment uses electric heating.

Ironically, if there are problems with your local electric grid, the utility company will often turn to a company like Utility Service & Maintenance, INC. for assistance.


You typically won’t use a utility company directly for heating utilities, but will still depend on them indirectly. Many municipal utility companies maintain the local natural gas distribution system.

Many HVAC systems use natural gas for heating. You may also use it for cooking and clothes drying.


It’s not true everywhere, but many locations bundle together your trash pickup with your electrical or water utilities. It’s just part of the bill that shows up every month. If that’s not the case, you must arrange for trash removal with a local service provider.


While the government doesn’t consider the Internet a utility, it’s still a service that many homes cannot live without. For example, anyone who works remotely needs it, as does anyone who works a web-based side hustle, or people who take online courses. You won’t deal with a utility company for internet service but will get it instead through a local Internet service provider or ISP.

Utilities and Your New Home

Setting up utilities for your new home is easy to overlook, but can become a huge pain when you get there. After all, no one likes staying in a house or apartment with no temperature control or working showers.

If you arrange for nothing else, make sure you set up your electrical, water, trash, and natural gas if you need it. don’t forget about Internet service if you rely on it for work or a side hustle.

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