Wednesday, April 17

When Buying a Bidet, Look for the Following Features

Bidets are common in other countries, but they have just lately achieved favor in the USA. These approaches, according to different types of research, clean more thoroughly and are additionally more hygienic than wiping with toilet paper.

As bidets become increasingly popular, they emerge on store shelves with a range of features that distinguish them from their competitors. Everyone has various tastes, and specific characteristics are quite advantageous. If you’re thinking of adding a bidet in your bathroom, this guide might help you select what features your new addition should offer.

Seat Warming

The cool porcelain of a traditional toilet bowl may make a restroom trip uncomfortable. While most people are just there for a few minutes, some jobs require more time to do, and sitting in a harsh, unpleasant atmosphere may increase their misery.

A heated toilet seat bidet might benefit any person, especially in the cold. Because not everyone likes the same level of heat, select a bidet with temperature adjustment, including Swan Toilets’ Swan S Pro. You may easily customize your bathroom session with a Bluetooth remote or your cell phone.

Nozzles With Simple Adjustment

The bidet has to be able to focus on particular regions that need to be cleaned in order to adequately clean you after visiting the restroom. Otherwise, the functions become ineffective, and you must resort to using toilet paper. This might lead to a waste of cash while operating your bidet.

With some bids, you can shift the nozzle back and forth to reach all portions of your private areas. You can also do this via the air nozzle on the Swan S Pro, which functions as an air dryer once you’ve been washed. When shopping for bidets, be sure that both the air and water can be adjusted for better cleaning.


Cleaning the toilet is among the most difficult duties we encounter regularly. We may ignore it, but doing so leads our toilets to get dirtier and stinkier. When a bidet is used, there are additional pieces to clean.

Electric bidets, on the other hand, are easier to maintain because many of them self-clean. The Swan S Pro, for instance, clears itself with a mixture of nitrogen and microbubbles after each use. It will then use UV rays to kill any leftover bacteria, ensuring the most complete cleaning possible. This helpful tool allows you to cross one item off your list of things to do every day.

Other Advantages of Swan S Pro

Even if you have spent a significant amount of time studying bidets, the Swan S Pro could spare you time. You will not be concerned about splurging to add luxuries to your current toilet with a toilet and bidet combo.

The Swan S Pro also contains sensors that let it open and shut on its own, making bathroom visits as sanitary and hands-free as feasible. This makes it an excellent solution for homes with elderly or handicapped individuals who may have difficulty using a standard toilet.

Furthermore, the Swan S Pro has an LED night light, allowing you to use the toilet without turning on the light. A restroom trip at 3 a.m. will hardly wake up your loved ones.

This toilet appears to be a costly buy. However, Swan Toilets provides payment plans, so you may have a beautiful bidet right now rather than saving up in the future. Swan Toilets wants you to use the restroom like a king or queen, and they encourage you to do it right now.

Even though they can carry out functions that a regular toilet cannot, bidets are nevertheless unfamiliar to many people. Even something as mundane as using the restroom may be transformed into a pleasurable experience if you have the right skills.