Thursday, April 18

Which is better casement or sliding windows?

Choosing suitable types of windows and doors for a home can be challenging until you know the features, design, benefits, and edge of each type of windows and doors. In view of this, casement and sliding windows will be examined to determine which of them is better than the other.

Before a valid conclusion can be drawn on which is better, casement and awning windows will be carefully examined following certain parameters. Regardless, read this write-up further.

1. Security

One thing every homeowner thinks about their windows and doors is security. How safe windows and doors are can be different based on their design and materials used. Meanwhile, casement windows are safer and more secure than sliding windows. Although a burglar only needs to break the glass to enter through the windows, the steel or aluminum dividers of the casement window will not make entering hassle-free.

2. Ventilation

When you need ventilation in the house, you can open the casement windows completely; whereas, one side of a sliding window is completely stationary, meaning that sliding windows will at most be half-open. As a result, you get better ventilation with casement windows than the sliding windows. Casement windows are at a better advantage in terms of ventilation.

3. Energy Efficiency

One of the essential factors you must consider when choosing windows is energy efficiency. How much the windows will improve the energy efficiency of your home is crucial. Casement windows usually provide complete airtight closure, which helps preserve the interior temperature. On the other hand, sliding windows will have a clearance or dislocation after several operations, causing the home’s energy efficiency to be compromised.

4. Pricing

Casement windows are slightly more expensive than sliding windows. Some of the reasons are practically due to the design and the materials used for making the windows. Casement windows are simple, easy-to-operate, and enhance the home’s aesthetics. However, when you need to choose between them and sliding windows, casement windows come at costly prices.

5. Visibility

Sliding windows offer a clearer, unobstructed view of the outdoor. On the other hand, sliding windows do not have dividers that can cause little disturbances when looking through the windows. Although this might be negligible, it affects your view.


Choosing the perfect windows and doors for your home is important. Consider the facts above when choosing between casement and sliding windows.