Friday, April 12

Which Plants Are Pool Friendly

Owning a pool, like having a garden, is both an immense joy and a formidable responsibility. Every pool owner knows the hassle of cleaning excessive debris out of the water, from nearby foliage. And yet, having plants near your pool enhances the atmosphere so wonderfully.

If you’re wanting to add some vibrant green to your cool blue oasis, but without the mess, it’s all just a matter of picking the right plants. There are 2 primary factors to consider: roots and leaves.

If you want to add a tree to your backyard without compromising the structure of an in ground pool, you need to choose a breed whose roots tend to spread downward more so than outward. As for foliage, you want to choose trees, shrubs, or potted plants that don’t shed prolifically.

We did some research and picked out a few plants that are safe for your pool area. For more ideas about pool-safe foliage, check out Best Plants Around Your Pool, Both Large and Small from our friends at Sun Valley Pool Service.


  • Fruitless Olive Trees offer lovely shade and a touch of drama, with their drooping leaves. While their root system is shallow, it tends to navigate around other subterranean structures rather than trying to force their way through. They tend to drop their leaves all at one go in the fall season, making it easy to prepare for, without much intermittent shedding.
  • Banana Trees, with their huge leaves, offer a wonderful tropical feel to your backyard and pool area. As perennials, they bloom multiple times per year, meaning they’ll remain green and verdant more often than not. However, in order to thrive, banana trees need a fairly temperate climate with minimal wind gusts.
  • Texas Mountain Laurel, as an evergreen, not only retains it color, but only rarely drops its leaves. With large fragrant flowers to enhance your pool space, this giant shrub is as low-maintenance and pool friendly as they come.

Smaller Plants

  • Ornamental grasses are a great choice as poolside foliage. Of course they’ll need to be pruned on occasion, but no leaves will be littering up your pool water. They blend well with other foliage, and they grow quickly if you’re looking for a fast and easy addition to your poolside view.
  • Honeysuckle will enhance your pool’s ambience with a wall of beautiful vines. Just stake a short fence or a trellis, let it start crawling, and enjoy that delicious fragrance. Occasional pruning keeps it healthy, but otherwise it’s pretty self-sufficient.
  • Cyperus Papyrus is a hardy plant that can thrive in full sunlight and poor soil conditions, so long as it’s getting plenty of moisture. This perennial sedge produces tall, grass-like reeds and brownish flowers. The reeds can grow quite tall, so occasional pruning is necessary to keep them the right size and shape.