Wednesday, April 24

Why Are LVP Floors So Popular Today?

Luxury Vinyl Planks are the stylish, go-to merchandise nowadays for flooring your American Fork home. With most of the flooring industry’s innovation and technology moving into LVP, it is the fastest-growing category of home decor.

There are numerous reasons to take a look into the LVP choices at your local American Fork showroom.

A Modern Upgrade In Material

LVP came into prominence in the 1980s and was originally ignored by a lot of the flooring market. Hollow-sounding and cheap-looking boards sent this vinyl material to the bottom of the must-have list for several years. But now, this unique vinyl flooring is created out of a solid core of high-density fiberboard and PVC vinyl for firmness and versatility. They are remarkably durable and very affordable. They are also not subject to many concerns or maintenance involving strong, traditional hardwood floors.

More Variety

In the last few decades, contemporary options have surged in popularity using a range of spots, colors, grains, protective coatings, and much more. This is a fad that’s absolutely here to stay.

Useful Features…At An Affordable Price

Among the very best reasons to select LVP for your American Fork home is the fact that it can replicate the expression of complex or expensive types of woods. Water-resistant and maybe even water-proof brands came on the market in 2018, eventually making the appearance of hardwood parquet or other distinctive patterns feasible in humid or coastal houses.

In 2020, among the greatest LVP styles is wood that seems vintage or classic. With this incredibly versatile product, you can make the expression of whitewashed or driftwood light planks, as well as dark, espresso flooring, with no high price of the real thing. Also, because the result is made, it may be customized further. Can’t decide between light or dark materials? Proceed with the variegated effect for a look that packs a fashionable punch.

Matte finishes continue to be on-trend for American Fork families in 2020, with homeowners opting for soft satins instead of high-gloss shines.

Want the advantage and construction of LVP but are not a fan of the appearance of wood? LVT (luxury vinyl tile) is also on the rise and include the same exciting advantages as these vinyl planks.


There are several reasons to choose this unique vinyl flooring option. It is well-suited for a number of residential and business uses, and also, when installed properly, perfectly imitates the appearance, texture, and warmth of genuine wood.

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