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Why Do I Get So Much Condensation on the Inside of My Windows?

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Do you notice water dripping around your windows? Is condensation forming on the inside of your windows? If yes, your windows may be having a problem that requires urgent attention.

Generally, condensation can form around the inside or outside of your windows. If the condensation is only outside of your windows, there is no cause for alarm. However, if it is on the inside of your windows, it could lead to tons of problems. Therefore, you must find a solution to it as soon as possible.

Why condensation may be on the inside of your windows

Various things may cause condensation on the inside of your windows, and they include:

Steam and moisture from bathrooms and kitchens

Since a large amount of moisture and steam is usually produced in the kitchens and bathrooms, it doesn’t come as a surprise that condensation can form on the inside of the windows in those rooms. So, if you have been noticing condensation on the windows in your kitchen or bathroom, you should consider installing extractor fans. Also, use bath mats to extract some of the moisture. When cooking, you should also cover the pan or pot with its lid.

Poorly fitted washing machine

If your washing machine is not fitted properly, it will be producing a large amount of moisture that can cause condensation around the windows.

A gas heater without a flue

If your gas heater doesn’t have a flue, it will be release water vapor, pollutants, and other things in the room. The released flavor can cause condensation on the inside of your windows.

Bad windows

Condensation usually occurs when there is a collision of warm air and cold surfaces. It can also occur when the humidity in your building is too much. Unfortunately, if your windows are bad, they will not offer enough insulation; hence, warm air produced in the house will easily contact cold surfaces on the windows. As a result of this, condensation will form on the inside of your windows.

Why condensation is bad for your home

While condensation on the inside of your windows can look harmless, it can lead to a plethora of issues. Foremost, it can damage the tiles and paint of your home as it can make them swell. Moisture can also damage items made with timbers inside your home.

Also, if you don’t get rid of the moisture on the windows as soon as possible, it can cause mold growth. It is worthwhile to note mildew and mold growth is responsible for allergic reactions, skin rashes, and various respiratory issues. Besides, mold is unsightly and, therefore, can affect the beauty of your home.

In a nutshell, you must act immediately to prevent condensation from harming your household. Although lots of things can be done to reduce its effect, it is recommended that you go for window replacement. With window replacement, you can install new windows that will safeguard your home and family.