Friday, June 21

Why Prefer Natural Fiber Carpet?

The carpet is appreciated for its comfort and ease of maintenance. However, many carpets contain harmful products, which can be a source of allergy. The natural fiber carpet seems a perfect alternative, greener, and warmer. We will detail its many advantages.

Ecological, economical, and reliable, the natural fiber carpet has more advantages than the synthetic fiber carpet. Seagrass, Sisal, coconut, focus on all these natural fibers capable of dressing our floors with style and rigor.

Natural Fiber Carpet: Coconut Carpet

Coconut carpet is the cheapest natural fiber carpet. As the name suggests, the coconut carpet is made from fibers from the coconut. This gives it a beautiful rustic appearance, but also a certain roughness. The choice of colors goes from brown to beige. If it retains little dust, the coconut carpet is sensitive to the humidity of the ambient air, which can cause mold stains.

Natural Fiber Carpet: Seagrass

Like coconut carpet, seagrass is particularly sensitive to humidity. This type of carpet is the most resistant, however. It is, therefore, suitable for all rooms, including those in which there is a lot of passage. Corridor and entrance are rooms particularly ideal for accommodating this type of carpet, timeless and able to combine with different styles.

Natural Fiber Carpet: Sisal

Sisal is made from fibers of agave leaves. Its natural color is a creamy tone, but its fibers support the color, and this type of carpet exists in many colors. There are many weavings, the most resistant being the flat weaving. Of all the natural fiber carpets, Sisal is the softest to the touch. A natural fiber that will have its effect in more cocooning rooms such as the bedroom.

Natural Fiber Carpet: The Precautions To Take

Natural fiber carpet is available in tiles or rolls. For a 100% eco-friendly Green Mats material, check the composition of the back of the carpet, which must be made of jute, linen, or latex. It is preferable to opt for a glued installation. To facilitate the maintenance of the rug, remember to treat it as soon as it is laid, especially with a stain-resistant treatment. Since natural fiber is a moisture-sensitive material, be sure to ventilate the room daily. Finally, it is recommended to use pads for the furniture so as not to weaken the fibers. A natural fiber carpet is easy to maintain, with a vacuum cleaner fitted with a soft brush.