Thursday, June 13

Why You Should Get a Sewer Inspection

Whether you’re thinking of buying a home or just wish to maintain the home you’re in, you cannot afford to forget about your sewage line. Across America, sewage problems are mounting at an increasing rate.

We are now reaching a time where sewage lines built in the past few decades are starting to deteriorate. If this happens on your property line, it’s not the city’s problem, it’s yours. Here’s why you should consider hiring a commercial sewer inspection company to inspect your sewage line today.

Skipping a Sewer Inspection Could Be Costly

Let’s say you have found your dream house and are ready to put down an offer. You have done your due diligence and arranged a thorough home inspection, and everything seems in order.

Then, on moving day, you notice a funny smell in the house. In this case, it is possible that the sewage line on your property is blocked. Now, you have to fix the problem yourself.

In this case, you could be looking at tens of thousands of dollars in repair costs. If you had arranged a sewer service before buying the house, you could have avoided this problem altogether.

Sewer Problems Might Be Your Responsibility

It is crucial to note that, if a sewer line fault is within the boundaries of your property, it might be your responsibility. This depends on the zoning laws in your city and the remit of your local public works body.

However, in many cases, the authorities will rule that you need to cough up to repair the problem since the problem is on your property. A sewer line inspection is a chance to identify any potential problems before they become insurmountable.

A Blocked Sewer Could Make Your Home Unliveable

“Out of sight, out of mind” certainly does not apply to a faulty sewer line. If yours is blocked, you will notice very quickly. Your home will start to smell like raw sewage since the waste has nowhere to go.

You will notice that you can no longer flush the toilet, or that your water pressure drops to zero. Within days, a blocked sewer line can make any property unliveable. Avoid this situation by arranging a sewer line inspection quickly.

Sewer Inspections Are Easy

You might think that a sewer inspection is a massive undertaking that involves a huge amount of time and money. However, you’d be wrong. You can easily call qualified plumbing services in your area that will take a look at your sewer line on your behalf for a very affordable price.

Avoid a Worst-Case Plumbing Scenario 

A blocked or degraded sewer line can be a worst-case plumbing scenario. If you don’t arrange a sewer inspection, you could be looking at serious problems and a five-figure repair bill further down the line.

Plumbing problems are some of the most costly to deal with, which is why we’re here to help you solve them before they get to that point.

Make sure to consult our dedicated Plumbing resources to find out exactly what you can do today to prevent a worst-case plumbing scenario tomorrow.