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Why you should use Property Management software?

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The number 1# leading Property Management software with the most powerful landlord and property owner management solution on the market.

Why you should join us?

1- Call for rents

Our property management software allows you to manage monthly, quarterly, semi-annual, annual rents or according to your own date of rent call.

The rent call is made in a few moments and you can print a rent call.

2- Receipts

One-click is enough to generate, print or email your rent receipts. You can even prepare receipts summaries according to the period of your choice!

3- Faster Payment Collection from Tenants

Collect your rents progressively and/or in bulk. You easily manage the daily collection of your rents (partial payments, payment deferrals, overpayments, deadlines, etc.)

4- Recovery of unpaid rents

You easily detect and manage delinquencies. You automatically print your reminder letters to tenants and bondholders. Property management even allows you to establish payment schedules with or without stimulus fees. Managing arrears takes only a few minutes thanks to the letter templates.

5- Rent reviews

As soon as a rent revision is possible, the property management software alerts you and automatically calculates the rent increase according to the current indices.

6- Load distribution

The distribution and regularization of charges between tenants become a simple formality!

The software knows how to distribute the charges between the tenants according to several calculations (surface area, number of occupants, quota (thousandth/thousandth) .

7- Export of rents

You can generate the postings automatically during rental receipts and export your rental receipts to third-party software.

8- And much more for your rental management …

The Property Management software has many functions to facilitate rental management on a daily basis: Management of insurance certificates, boiler maintenance, renewal of the lease … or even sharing of data on the network!

All these features are accessible without the need for special training. Smart Housing Property Management is a powerful, user-friendly, easy to use and inexpensive rental management software.

9- Mobility of management

Online rental management software also provides its users with flexibility in mobility. As long as they have a device connected to the internet (computer, tablet, or telephone) they can access their workspace via their identifiers and access codes. This innovation, which is very useful during external meetings.

10 – Reducing the risk of error

Human error, when it occurs, is often a source of tension between the agency manager and his client. As a result, entrusting certain delicate tasks to property rental management software is clearly safer and more efficient. Compared to a classic rent receipt software, for example, the customer relationship is improved as well as the loss experience in terms of professional liability.