Wednesday, April 24

Yes, Your Front Yard Is Looking A Bit Bland This Summer

Summer is best spent on vacations and relaxation, and whether you’re the type that’s ready to go out partying or snuggle up inside and stay cool, both methods of enjoying this summer are equally fun in their own right. In fact, even with the Covid-19 global pandemic still barreling down on all the activities we can and can’t do, many families and households across the world are making the most of what’s possible and safe.

However, the second you step out of that house, the one thing that’s going to immediately catch your attention is your front yard looking a bit bland and worse for wear than usual. And even much worse than that is the fact that you might end up looking at this type of front lawn for the rest of summer unless you stand up and do something about it right now before it’s too late.

What Does The Summer Heat Do Anyways?

Well, apart from the unrelenting heat’s natural ability to make us sweat buckets every mid-day, the summer heat is quite the infamous fellow when we start talking home maintenance, specifically when dealing with your front yard. And due to the warmer climate, your front yard is more susceptible to (1) a loss of color and (2) significant wear and tear. 

  • Dry Spells And Loss Of Color: Firstly, the one thing that’s going to look off and pique your curiosity is when the grass that you’ve worked so hard to keep trim and clean throughout spring starts to lose its color. You see, the heat will make it turn brown with a few patches, and if you forget to water it on some days or during very long dry spells like the incoming heatwave, the grass begins to wilt and might even lead to death in some circumstances.
  • Significant Wear And Tear: Secondly, while you might be super proud of all the landscaping and design work that you’ve invested into the front yard, the summer heat has a way of creating significant wear and tear in places where you’d least want them to be. Especially under very humid conditions, even areas that aren’t typically something you should worry about could be at the mercy of building rust or starting to build some cracks.

Here’s How You Can Fix Things Up

Luckily enough, even with both of those reasons considered, it’s not impossible to overcome them and find useful compromises that require a bit of time, effort, and budget on your end of the bargain. So, as long as you’re willing to put out all the stops against this dreaded summer heat, it’s pretty much guaranteed to come out unscathed once you know the rules of the game. 

#1 Switch Up Your Watering Habits

Number one, if you’ve been very lackluster with your watering habits during the springtime because you had the rain to rely upon, we strongly suggest that you switch things up because your grass needs water to beat the summer heat like you. Of course, we’re not saying that you should overwater your plants because that would end up doing the exact opposite. Still, instead, you should water appropriately according to the dryness of the soil, doing it in the evening for better absorption or mimicking how normal rain would do it for you. 

#2 Plant Flowers And Shrubbery Meant For Warmer Climate

Number two, if you want to maintain a youthful glow in your front yard, then we suggest that you switch out any of your springtime plants for flowers and shrubbery that grow fast and are meant for warmer climates. In fact, you could even go for fauna that’s perfect all year round no matter the season, which will save you the money and effort of having to replant now and then. Of course, that’s if you don’t want to give your lawn a refresh every season. 

#3 Update/Reinforce Your Front Yard’s Design

Number three, as far as front yard features go, you won’t get any better chance to update and reinforce your gates and freestanding sculptures than now. Sure, if most of the stuff is relatively new and isn’t at risk of wear and tear, you could keep them in the meantime. However, for those who find themselves in the opposite end of the spectrum, might we suggest looking through a catalog of steel ornamentals and other durable options for this summer. 

Summer Shouldn’t Take Away Your Yard’s Beauty.

In conclusion, we believe that this summer season has no right to take away your front yard’s beauty. So, take all the advice mentioned above to heart and feel free to go all out with how you want to approach landscaping and designing your lawn this summer.