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Your Ultimate Guide to Relocating to Burlingame: Everything You Need to Know

With a population of about 28,000, Burlingame is a vibrant city. It is located in San Mateo County, California, and boasts an extensive shoreline on San Francisco Bay. Burlingame is also often called the City of Trees. And if the palm trees and sandy beaches don’t get you, you can count on the booming economy, rich history, charming neighborhoods, great public schools, and walkable downtown to seal the deal. And once they do, this guide will help you move and settle in seamlessly into Burlingame.

Burlingame Real Estate

Before you pack your bags and move to Burlingame, you should understand that its real estate market is highly competitive. The median home value of property in the area is $1.59 million. Prices tend to get lower as you move toward Millbrae, with many people in this area preferring to rent. The average rent is $2,500 to $2,900 for a one-bedroom, $3,400 to $3,800 for two bedrooms, and $5,000 for 3.

Moving to Burlingame: Picking a Neighborhood

You can get a clearer picture of Burlingame’s home values and communities by exploring the different neighborhoods. It is important to point out that this is a highly desirable market with a short inventory that tends to go fast. Therefore, try to contact a Burlingame realtor at least several months before you need to move so they can scout listings for you. The best neighborhoods to consider are:

Burlingame Village

Burlingame is family-friendly and one of the most affordable options in Burlingame. You can find starter homes here from $1.3 million, all within the vicinity of Village Park, which is home to an open green space, a basketball court, and a preschool. The BART station is also nearby.

Burlingame Park

If you prefer an active lifestyle, you will love Burlingame Park. The small neighborhood is within walking distance of Burlingame Avenue, which boasts many restaurants, shops, and boutiques. The lot sizes are also larger here, so you can get a bigger home, many of which are traditional and classic designs.

Mills Estates

Mills Estates is for homebuyers looking for luxury and privacy. There are homes there built as early as the 1960s on expansive estates. And while it is refined, Mills Estates feels more modern than other traditional-leaning neighborhoods in Burlingame. Homes here have a median value of $2.45 million.

Living in Burlingame

Residents love Burlingame because of its proximity to Silicon Valley, high walkability, safe neighborhoods, and good schools. The many shops, cozy cafes, top-rated restaurants, warm climate, and access to the beach also add to its allure. Moreover, if you plan to raise a family here, you will be glad to know that Burlingame has a crime rate 51 percent lower than the national average.

The Burlingame School District is one of California’s most esteemed districts and features four elementary schools with a 9 to 10 rating from the CDE and an average score of between 880 and 925. If you are moving for work, major employers in the town include Tesla Motors, Apple, Guittard Chocolate Company, Virgin America Airlines, and Mills-Peninsula Medical Services, among others.

Talk to an Experienced Burlingame Realtor

Yes, Burlingame properties are expensive, but they are also in high demand and sell fast. This and the many costs and procedures involved in buying a home here are why you should contact Mary Ann Teixeira today. With almost 15 years of experience in the Mid-Peninsula real estate market, Mary Ann is best equipped to help you find and move into your dream Burlingame home. Call her office today to schedule a consultation and learn more.