Thursday, April 18

Essential Deals For the Perfect Results now in wardrobes

According to an expert, a woman or a man uses only 20% of the clothes in his wardrobe. And that’s the options of a minimalist wardrobe. The idea is simple, sort it out to keep only the essentials. In the end, you will only have a few functional clothes and accessories, of good quality and especially to your taste in your dressing room. This avoids waste, unnecessary expenses and fits in with an approach to reduce its carbon footprint. This is really the goal, but how do you get there?

Types of minimalist wardrobes

On the one hand, there is the capsule wardrobe. The idea would be to have complementary clothes that is to say that can all go together. In other words, each top can be worn with all the stockings available in the wardrobe and vice versa. This style is very popular among women and on the other hand, there is the uniform wardrobe. This concept is unique because it consists of wearing the same outfit all year round. It is therefore sufficient to acquire the same clothes in several copies. The time saving is exceptional when it comes to getting dressed. Men appreciate this type of minimalist wardrobe more than women. Choose the custom wardrobes in this case.

The basic rules of a minimalist wardrobe

We will mostly talk about the capsule wardrobe because there is not much to say about the uniform wardrobe. To successfully transform your dressing room, you must observe a few basic rules:

Choose the colors you need a base shade (black or dark blue), two neutral colors (white, gray or beige) then two bright colors (pink, burgundy, mustard yellow, pine green, duck blue, etc.)

Do not exceed 50 pieces for the 4 seasons, underwear not included. The goal is to have a functional dressing room with a minimum of clothing.

Favor branded clothing with a beautiful finish and made with natural materials. They must withstand washing and be able to be worn for a long time in all circumstances.

How to set up a minimalist wardrobe?

First of all, you have to prepare yourself mentally. You must be ready to part with the outfits that have been lying around in your closet since your “high school” years, for example. Once that is done, the process of leading to a minimalist wardrobe can begin.

The first step

It consists of taking out all your clothes and accessories and making a pile in the middle of the room. Everything must be emptied: wardrobe, chest of drawers, sideboard, suitcases, etc. to get space later.

The second step

It will be necessary to sort it out. Divide the available space so that you can spread out 4 stacks:

  • All the clothes you love and wear frequently on a daily basis (the 20% mentioned above).
  • Clothes that have become too small or too big over time, not to your liking or out of fashion but which are still in good condition.
  • Clothes that are already faded, stained, deformed by washing or even torn.
  • The clothes you are likely to wear on exceptional occasions: seaside holidays, receptions, sports, etc.