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The Most Common Central Air Conditioner Issues and What You Should Do

Summer HVAC Tips-AC Maintenance

An air conditioning unit is an important part of your home, even when you don’t see it. You rely on the system to keep the home or business cool, but to keep it running efficiently, you need to call for regular maintenance of your AC system, say experts in commercial ac repair dallas.

First, you need to know that an AC unit is much like a home appliance and it will have wear and tear from use. It is a machine that will experience problems at some point in its lifespan.

Keeping it running as smoothly as possible should be a priority for every homeowner. It needs regular maintenance care and you need to schedule yearly inspections. Maintenance saves money and prevents major breakdowns.

What can you do to keep your AC unit running smoothly and when should you call in the pros? Commercial AC Repair Dallas experts give use a few tips for better air conditioner maintenance.

Regular Maintenance

Maintenance is important and it keeps the AC unit running properly. Take care of your air conditioner and you extend the life of the unit and save money on utilities and prevent costly repairs and replacement costs.

Clean the Condenser

Be sure to remember to clean the condenser unit every year. This increases the AC efficiency and it is a fairly easy thing to do. However, you can also call in a professional to inspect and clean your unit on a yearly basis if you don’t have time to do it yourself. Whichever method you use, it is important that you realize how important cleaning the condenser really is. Keep the area around the condenser free of growing plants. Remove dandelions, grass, branches and anything that can obstruct the unit.

Keep it Level

The AC unit is heavy and moving it can be a chore but you need to ensure it is properly leveled, otherwise, the unit can fail or experience leaks of its refrigerant. Check the level once a year. It is common for the earth under a unit to change, settle and move, which means you also need to adjust the AC unit.

Clean the Coil

The evaporator coils in the unit help cool the house. These coils also play an important role in removing moisture and humidity. They are naturally moist from the condensation but can collect dirt and the dirt makes the AC unit overwork. You can easily wipe away the dust to keep the unit functioning optimally.

Keep Condensation Drain Lines Clean

The condensation drain line removes moisture but mold can accumulate here over time and clog the drain. Prevent this clogging by performing regular maintenance once or twice a year.

Change Your Filters

The furniture collects dust and needs to be cleaned. In the same way, the air filter in the air conditioner also gets dirty. If it is never replaced the air in the home gets stuffy and it becomes difficult to breathe. You may even experience more allergies. You need to replace these filters every few months.

Use A Programmable Thermostats

A modern thermostat can be configured automatically and helps the house remain comfortable. It adjusts the temperature automatically and in doing so saves money on utility bills. With a programmable thermostat you no longer have to remember to check or make changes to the thermostat on a daily basis.

Call in The Pros

Keeping your AC unit running smoothly requires some attention and maintenance, whether you do it yourself or call in the commercial ac repair dallas specialists. Some of these issues are easy to fix and you can do them yourself, but others should be left up to a certified technician.

Remember a professional has the knowledge and experience to thoroughly inspect the system and diagnose problems before they become a real financial issue.