Sunday, May 28

What are the Various Types of Concrete Used by Craigieburn Concreters?

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Concrete is the chief ingredient for construction purposes today, and is used quite widely. It is a combination of coarse aggregate or crushed stone, gravel, cement and fine aggregate or sand. Know about the various types of concrete that are used for various applications by most Craigieburn Concreter agencies today. 

High-performance concrete 

It is popular for a superior level of performance. These match specific standards, like long term mechanical properties, high level of durability, superior permeability, easy placement, fast gain in strength etc. This is also useful in taking care of environmental concerns.

Rapid-strength concrete 

It becomes strong in only a few hours after being prepared. It helps in fast construction of roads and buildings. Rapid-strength concrete is used most commonly for road repairs. 

Ultra high-performance concrete

It needs the common ingredients that are used to manufacture concrete. It also requires fine silica sand, quartz flour and silica fume. The strength of this mix can also be improved with the use of organic fibers, steel fibers or high-range water reducers. UHPC is beneficial in the sense that steel rebars are not needed for reinforcing the structure. UHPC has as much compressive strength as 29000 psi. However, rebar accessories kapolei HI are highly popular and you easily get them from many suppliers. 

Asphalt concrete 

This is needed for the embankment of dams, parking lots, airports and road surfaces. These are made by combining aggregates and asphalt. 

Roller compacted concrete

Concrete of this type needs the placement of concrete, and road rollers are used to compact it. Such kind of concrete needs less cement in comparison, although it can offer more density. 

Reinforced concrete

High tensile strength is lacking in plain concrete. The overall concrete strength can be improved by introducing reinforcement in the shape of fibers, meshes, bars or steel rods. Reinforced concrete is used a lot for making bridges, ceilings, columns and various other structures which need more strength. 

Ready-mix concrete

Concrete of this type is combined at a central mixing plant. It is fetched to the site of construction in a readily usable state. It is important to factor in the transportation time while making of this type of concrete. This is because in case of an undue delay, the mixture can get hardened. 

Stamped concrete

It is generally used in interior floors, patios and driveways that need to look more aesthetic. This is a concrete used for architectural wonders, as it helps create realistic patterns like granites, tiles and natural stones with the help of professional stamping pads.