Wednesday, April 17

5 Modern Roof Designs Every Home Renovator Needs to See

You’ve loved your home since you finished building it about 29 years ago. But now, you need to put some renovations. The most important task on your list is the roof because most roofs last 30 years before needing replacement.

While you’re tearing the old roof off and installing a new one, why not change the roof style to something more modern? There’s no need to stick with the same, old-fashioned style as before!

We put together a list of our top 5 modern roof designs for homes. Keep reading to get inspired before talking to your roofing contractor!

1. Inverted Curve Roof

One of the more adventurous types of roofs on this list is the inverted curve roof. This one has a gentle curve that dips down rather than poking up from the ceiling. In most cases, this roof adds a unique slope to the interior ceiling as well.

2. Salt Box Roof

If you like the asymmetrical look, check out the salt box. This only works for a home renovation that has uneven walls or a second level on one side. You could also add height to the wall on one side to achieve this look.

3. Cross Gable Roof

If you like the old-fashioned home design and want to add a modern twist, the cross gable roof style could work for you. The perpendicular gables meet at right angles allowing for more headroom in the attic. Make sure you hire an experienced roofing company like so you can rest assured that the roof won’t cave in on you after they’re done.

4. Flat Modern Roof

If your home has clean modern lines, a flat roof could help add to that modern aesthetic. But, the term “flat roof” is a misnomer. There is a very slight pitch to the roof to allow for proper drainage.

Many times, homeowners like to take advantage of a flat roof by adding to their living area. A cute little garden or a rooftop seating area looks great on a flat roof!

5. Mansard Roof

This style is also called a French roof and has a striking almost cottage-like appearance. The roof starts with a low-pitched roof, but the sides of the roof angle straight down and end at the bottom of the second floor. This means that you’ll see the second-floor windows peeking out from the roofing materials.

The Sky Is the Limit With a Good Roof Over Your Head

If you need a new roof, it’s a great time to reconsider the roof style. Since it’s not cheap to redo the roof, it’s worth it to do research and make a well-informed choice.

Talk to your roofing contractor about these modern takes on home roofs. They can tell if that roof style would work for your home.

We hope you enjoyed reading this article and that you got some inspiration for a modern roof design. If you’re looking for more fascinating articles about home improvement, real estate, and much more, check out the rest of our blog today!