Wednesday, April 24

Safe Ship Moving Services Lists a Few Smart Ways to Save on Moving Costs

Auf einem Umzugskarton Steht ein Sparschwein an dem ein gelber Zettel klebt. Der Zettel ist in Englischer sprache beschrifte. Auf dem zettel steht moving coats. Im Hintergrund ist ein Stapel gepackter Umzugskartons

No matter whether one is moving across the town or relocating to a different state, moving is among the most thrilling adventures to embark upon. Today there are companies like Safe Ship Moving Services that can provide people with the necessary support and assistance in the moving process. However, one must understand that relocating a house is not only complicated from a logistical standpoint, it can be fairly expensive as well. Hence, people should try to explore ways to save money on moving expenses.

Safe Ship Moving Services underlines smart and simple ways to save on moving expenses

Even though a number of moving related expenses are unavoidable, it essentially is possible to save money in a few areas. Here are a few ways one can save on moving expenses:

  • De-clutter before packing: Decluttering may seem simply like an additional item on the to-do list. However, one must understand that getting rid of the things they don’t need or use  before the move can actually save them money, space and time. People need to orderly go through their belongings; including furniture, clothing and cookware, and take inventory of things they no longer need or want.  If some of these items are in good condition, they can always be sold off in a yard sale. Money from the yard sale can be allocated toward moving costs.
  • Book the movers at a strategic time: Most people today hire movers when relocating their home. Scheduling such services on a weekday as opposed to the weekend, or off-season rather than on-season would be a good way to save money. Certain movers offer their services at more affordable rates on the weekdays as fewer people move on those days. If one is able to take a day off from their work, booking moving services on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays would be ideal, as these days typically have the highest availability and the lowest cost. People should additionally try to avoid the last weekend of the month for the move, as those days tend to be more busy and expensive. When it comes to the season, the months between spring and fall are considered to be the busiest for moving. Hence, one can save money on scheduling their move in an off-season.
  • Speak With the utility, internet, and cable providers: One shouldn’t have to double pay for their mortgage/rent, internet, utilities and/or cable at two separate locations. Hence, it is vital to try and align begin and end dates for accounts, which would involve calling up providers and discussing the issues. One can also take advantage of new account specials provided by cable and internet companies, and check if there are options for waiving installation/activation fees in utility companies.

While some hire companies like Safe Ship Moving Services to do their packing for the move, many others prefer to complete the task by themselves. One must understand that the cost of packing supplies, like boxes, tape, bubble wrap, and padding, can add up very fast. Hence, it would be prudent to use the suitcases and baskets one already owns to pack the household belongings, instead of buying boxes. People may even use towels, t-shirts and socks to pad delicate items instead of buying bubble wrap.