Tuesday, June 6

A Few Types Of Water-Fed Poles

While you might have heard of new window cleaning techniques and equipment like water-fed poles, understanding what is the right fit for your use can be quite a task. The last thing you want to witness after your purchase of a new water-fed pole is that you have chosen the wrong material. This is why it is always best to learn what kinds of materials are available and the characteristics of each. 

  • Aluminium:

These are perhaps the most commonly used material and the sturdiest type of window cleaning poles you can find. These range from about 25 to 30 feet and are perfect for home use. If you are looking to buy your first pole, this one is a great option. 

  • Glass Fibre:

Another quite commonly used type you can find in the market has to be glass fibre. These are also pretty reasonably priced but offer more flexibility to the user. However, the high flexibility can often limit its height to just 22 feet. For anyone wanting an inexpensive but light pole, this is the best material to choose. 

  • Carbon Composite:

Lastly, you will come across carbon composite water-fed window cleaning equipment UK. These are hybrids, having a mix of 50% carbon fibre. These poles offer you the best of both worlds. When compared, these are lighter than the aluminium poles and much more studier than glass fibre poles. The heights can also go up to as high as 30 ft, making it great for both domestic and commercial use. 

These are the three most commonly found choices in the industry. While each can have its own benefits, you must take ample time before choosing one that fits your requirements aptly. Make sure to understand its benefits and uses to ensure the right purchase.