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Best Mattresses You Can Choose for

There’s nothing better after a long day at work than a good night’s sleep. And for your night to be the best possible, you deserve the best mattress!

But be careful: if you have any type of health problem such as herniated disc, parrot’s beak or osteoporosis, seek the specific guidance of your doctor before buying your new mattress.

All about buying mattress

Types of mattress

Basically, there are several types of mattress to meet the most diverse needs and tastes. To start, let’s talk about each type of mattress on the market:


They are those mattresses that have only one correct face (the one that faces up). So that it lasts much longer without that feeling that there is a hole in your mattress, just rotate the side that is on the headboard by the side that is on your feet every month. On that note, be sure to choose one of the top-rated mattresses

Pillow Top

It is that mattress that has a thinner layer of foam on top. This makes it softer and more comfortable.

Antiallergic Mattress

This is the perfect mattress for those who suffer from respiratory diseases such as asthma, rhinitis and sinusitis or are allergic to fungi, mites and bacteria. It is all manufactured with materials that have properties that prevent the accumulation of these agents.

Magnetic Mattress

As a result of technological advances, in addition to layers of foam and / or springs, the magnetic mattress comes with other layers made with magnets that provide several benefits during sleep. Some models even do massage while you sleep. If you have a pacemaker, talk to your doctor before buying a magnetic mattress.

Orthopedic mattress

Firmer than most mattresses, the orthopedic mattress is the most suitable for people who suffer from bone problems, especially in the spine. To buy this type of mattress, the most recommended is to receive the recommendation from your orthopedist.

A suitable mattress must guarantee uniform weight distribution and support and adaptation point by point in different parts of the body. This is what makes it a true orthopedic mattress.

We must always pay attention to the anatomy of the human body, since the man has more defined shoulders than the woman and, on the other hand, the woman has the chest area and the most prominent hips, points that can suffer more pressure if not choose the right pillow and mattress.

Another important factor in choosing the mattress is the fact that it is very different to sleep alone or with a partner. Right from the start because the tastes and anatomy of the body itself are different: in the case of men, the shoulders are the points that suffer the most pressure, in the case of women it is in the chest and hips that this pressure is greatest.

  • If the couple does not share the same taste in terms of comfort and support, the ideal is to buy two different mattresses (twin beds), adapted to the needs of each one.
  • If you agree on the level of firmness and the type of mattress to purchase, then you must take into account the higher weight when choosing the firmness and support of the mattress.
  • In order not to minimize pressure points for the lighter user, you should opt for a base mattress and / or firm core but with an adaptable welcoming surface.