Saturday, April 20

Cleaning Technique of Crystal Chandelier to Maintain the Everlasting Shine

Chandeliers are installed to enhance the beauty of the house. However, they can also appear unappealing when they are dirty. Since it is installed at a height, it is impossible to clean it regularly. Sometimes when it is not cleaned for a month or a year, it starts accumulating dust on the lights and crystals, which hides its beauty.  

Whether it is an antique chandelier, modern light fixtures, fans, or bulbs, every fixture requires cleaning of dust and grime once in a while. Yes, if you have installed a heavy modern light fixture or a crystal chandelier it takes a little more effort in cleaning them. However, the fact is crystal chandeliers are more expensive than the ordinary glasses kept in the kitchen. 

Nothing is pleasing than guests appreciating your sparkling chandeliers for their beauty. Thus, maintaining it also requires little effort.  If you do it properly and regularly, the time-consuming cleaning will reduce automatically. But, if you clean it once a year, then it will take a lot of your time and energy and sometimes you may also need to call professionals to uninstall it for deep cleaning. 

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The technique of Cleaning Chandelier

There are several methods of cleaning chandeliers


  • Cleaning agent for dishwashing liquid
  • Glass cleaner 
  • Soft wash Rag 
  • Rubber gloves 
  • A ladder to reach the chandelier for cleaning arms and frames.
  • A large sheet or towel is to be placed on the floor to soak dripping water from the ceiling.


  • Place the large sheet on the floor just below the chandelier and place the ladder on top of it. 
  • Turn off all electric power before cleaning it with water. 
  • Remove all light covers and bulbs from the fixture carefully and keep them in a dry area. Wipe bulbs with a soft dry cloth to remove all dirt and grime that has settled on them. 
  • Fill the sink with warm soapy water soak a washrag into the soapy water to wipe all frames and arms of the chandelier. 
  • Now clean the crystal droplets of the chandelier by dipping them in the soapy water. Rinse them in warm water to clean them thoroughly, but gently.
  • Remove few crystals at a time to remember to place them at the exact position. Dry them with a soft rag before hooking them into the wires back.  
  • Remove all dirt and cobweb from the mounted fixture on the ceiling. Check for any loose wiring, damage, or rust and see if it needs professional assistance.  


You may require a deep cleaning chandelier every six months, but maintaining it every week for once a month is also necessary. It doesn’t take much of your time. While vacuuming on weekends, simply place vacuum gently on the chandelier. This will remove the minor coating of dust particles from the fixture. 

If your chandelier is quite heavy or complicated and you’re unable to handle it, then simply call for assistance. Get the help of a professional who is experienced in their job.