Monday, February 26

Complete Turnkey Options for the Renovation

Turnkey - For a total carefree building or renovation project

Have you just purchased a property and want to renovate the interior of your new house? Or do you want to revisit the decoration of your current home? A renovation company for all trades, expert renovation service offers you various interior renovation solutions to bring your interior up to date, bring your home up to standard or insulate it for energy savings. Kitchen layout, change of your paintings or wallpapers, installation of new tiling, repair of your plumbing, layout of attics or offices, dressing room etc. We offer many interior renovation services to make your home the cozy nest of your dreams. You can choose Ristrutturazioni Roma for the best renovation now.

Why renovate the interior of your home?

You may have to undertake interior renovation work for many reasons: desire to create new storage, desire to gain additional m², have a tailor-made interior adapted to your tastes, refit the aesthetics of its interior up to date or optimize the layout of the latter.

Interior renovation: new coverings, new decoration

The first thing we think of when thinking about interior renovations is the decoration. Indeed, often, changing paint or opting for a new wallpaper is enough to breathe new life into your interior. The choice of new materials or more fashionable colors allows you to radically change your decoration without having to move.

Are your interior walls faded or no longer match your current tastes?

Give them a facelift with our interior paint jobs. Specialist in interior renovation work, the expert provides you with its best technical advisers to offer you the wall coverings best suited to your tastes and needs. It is the ideal solution to energize your home at a lower cost and give it pep to an aging interior. We advise you on the type of paint or wallpaper best suited to your interior and your tastes and take care of the work from A to Z, for a harmonious decorative rendering.

Do you want to gain space or light in your main living room? We suggest you completely rethink the interior layout of the latter. Several solutions exist, it all depends on your desires. If you want to rethink the modeling of your room, it may be necessary to break down the walls to open up the space. The latter will then be redistributed as you wish thanks to plasterboard partitions for example.

Kitchen interior renovation

If you want to take advantage of your interior renovation work to review your kitchen layout, the service also offers you adapted solutions. Depending on the surface of the latter and your wishes in terms of furniture and functionality, we offer tailor-made kitchens. Do you want an open kitchen for better circulation and space saving? With the expert, anything is possible. Tell us your needs and we will help you optimize your space in the best possible way: furniture, appliances, worktops etc.

Tired of your old, aging and inefficient kitchen? From the creation of L-shaped kitchens for the sake of optimizing space to kitchens with a central island, we offer a wide range of custom-made kitchens according to your desires and your needs. Have your renovation or kitchen creation work carried out by the expert and take full advantage of this central living space.