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How A Woman-Led Business Can Pave the Way in the Construction Industry

According to NAWIC or the National Association of Women in Constructions, women make up only 9.1% of the construction industry. While we would like to say it is far more welcoming to have more or less 10% women leaders in today’s industry compared to 20 or 30 years ago, the reality is that females face the same obstacles as females 20 or 30 years ago faced.

It means that females need to think strategically and appropriately at every turn as they navigate their way to success. Here are some tips and tricks women need to learn in this male-dominated construction industry that can strengthen their careers.

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Do not be afraid to be different

No matter what industry they are in, ladies bring qualities to projects that males may not possess. For instance, they have keen attention to details that is very important in this kind of business. The detail is centered on issues such as perfecting repairs of various problems by using modern technology. The big question is: How do they get in the door to tell future clients about the unique value their business delivers?

The answer to this question is to be unique and different from other service providers. The reason for being different is that, in a room full of contractors, you can either blend in with other contractors or be unique and stand out to get noticed. Standing out gets businesses into the conversation and let them make their pitch for why their organization is better compared to their competition.

Partner strategically

Any business is not going the get more prominent if they do not partner. In a male-dominated industry, partnering is very important for female-owned businesses. Since they are considered outsiders, they are not always invited to the table as their male counterparts, especially if the company is small or a startup. Building good partnerships with established construction businesses is beneficial to both parties.

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Description: The State of Women in the Construction Industry in 2021

Do not be afraid to get your “high heels” dirty to help establish integrity and credibility

Striking the perfect balance between running a business from the office and getting out on the field is very important.  When prospects and clients see the business owners in the field, they recognized their hands-on expertise and experience. This credibility and integrity, complemented by the extensive knowledge they bring to every meeting, make the organization a force to be counted on.

One of the biggest challenges women-owned businesses encountered in this male-dominated industry is establishing client trust. Remaining visible, working harder to prove the company’s capabilities, and keeping up with the competition will help an organization establish client trust. Traditionally, only men wear boots, fall protection, harnesses, and gloves.

So it is pretty easy for potential clients to dismiss ladies before they even knew their capabilities or people in their organization. But that is not a problem anymore if potential customers can see these ladies on the job site to manage tasks personally.

Be confident that your company will shake the industry up

It is easy to become vulnerable or insecure when you are the only lady at the table. Still, there is a reason why you made it this far—having a woman-owned business that men usually dominate can shake up a reputable and well-established industry and company. This shake-up happens because lady-owned construction businesses usually bring a different view of the industry.

Of course, this does not happen in an instant. Disrupting the cultural mindset is a marathon and not a sprint. It takes a lot of time to gain trust and respect from clients, colleagues, and suppliers in this industry. Do not be afraid to question a lot of questions, as well as the status quo. Always present well-thought ideas with faith and confidence. Champion the process, as well as stand by your choice and decision. Over time, the company’s success will speak for itself.

Always keep an eye on the scoreboard

There are always winners and losers in every section of the business. To be in the winner’s circle requires making excellent and intelligent decisions, as well as quantify the organization’s results. Successful companies use KPIs or Key Performance Indicators to measure their success, and they diligently monitor safety problems, payroll-to-sales ratio, and customer complaints. The bottom line is that if an organization wants to win, they can never lose sight of why they are in this line of business: to make a lot of money.