Friday, June 21

How to Choose the Right Tile Combination in the Bathroom  

It can be a real headache having to get all the bathroom essentials right and then neglecting the fact that the tiles simply don’t fit the layout. Bathroom tiles play a crucial role in making the bathroom look exquisite and perfectly aligned with the rest bathroom amenities. Your bathroom is the reflection of your entire home, so it’s fair to expect it to be the most comfortable and elegant room in the house. Hence, choosing the right tiles will help you set the tone and boost the ambient vibe and outlook, but won’t be an easy task to complete. Choosing the best tiles to get that sophisticated finish feel takes time, diligence, patience, and hard work. Luckily, here is a thorough list that will help you not get overwhelmed and assist you with choosing the best tile combination for your bathroom.

Dark? Or light?

For those who have already selected plain off-beat white porcelain bathroom utilities, there is something extremely important to consider – create the main tile theme to break the dullness. Unless you already have a gorgeous shower enclosure, you ought to make one in order to make the vanity, mirror, wash basin and other amenities stand out. Think about what tiles you’ll want to use for your backlash, whether they are dark or light would play a vital role in transforming the ambient. Consider what feature you wish to enhance and compliment that with the tile. If you wish to stick to a colorful option with the towels and bathroom rugs then go for the light tile option. On the other hand, if you wish the tiles to give out an extravagant vibe, then stick to the dark options.

Opt for mosaic extravagance

The bathroom shouldn’t look like any other room, and most homeowners from Sydney realized the importance of using tiles to tell a wider story. If you wish to add a fresh dose of charm to your bathroom, you should choose natural mosaic stones. To completely transform your bathroom opt for a visually appealing Italian Travertine Mosaic or breathtaking Herringbone or Diamond and Arabesque mosaic tile option. You could stick to one pattern, select only one tone, be courageous and cover entire walls or floors from top to bottom, or merely install them only as the border to add extra effect. Make sure you find the best tiles in Sydney to create interesting mosaic layering and get that new modern dimension to your bathroom.

Bold over accent tiles

Going for single color or pattern might sound like an easy task to do, but that’s far from the truth. Your feature tile should be a combination of two perfectly blended colors or patterns. For instance, a very nifty option is to blend earthy colors such as beige or cappuccino as a feature tile and use sandy patterned tiles and curved styles to contrast the look. This mixture of bold and accent tiles with timid options would allow those stand-out tiles to take the focal stage and maximally reshape the vibe of your bathroom. Also, after you have chosen a bold tile color as your feature tile, then try to serenely consider using one or two other tiles to mildly complement it. Meaning doesn’t exaggerate by accentuating the tiles.

Spruce up patterns

Break the routine of having plain white or gray tiles by incorporating a few flashy patterns with sleek one-colored options. The most fabulous and fastest way to create a wonderful-looking bathroom is to play with state-of-the-art patterns in combination with soft hues. As tiles play an enormous role in the entire apparel of your bathroom why not mix and match the patterns. For instance, you can keep the pale-colored wall paint and modernize the look of your bathroom by replacing the old tiles with Orient-inspired ones.

Modernize the vibe

For those who have already selected the feature tile that would act as a number one standing point in the bathroom, the time has come to look into floor tiles. Bathroom floor tiles ought to act as complementary tiles rather than focal points, but that doesn’t mean they need to be simple. If you are looking for a top-notch tile combination try to use simpler wall tiles and then contrast them with flabbergasting mosaic or patterned floor ones. This will help you create that modern bohemian look or more cutting-edge extravaganza that’s so popular in world-renowned hotels.

The perfect blend

By now, you have certainly got the gist that you should stick to the top three tile choices. Nobody wants the bathroom to look overwhelmed and too shabby by having a plethora of colors and patterns. Therefore, to choose the right tile combination you must make the decision about what tiles you want to go for the focal point of the design, and then pull more subtle colors from it in your accent tile. They don’t necessarily have to be plain or basic, but you must subtly combine them with the feature tile. Even if you get tempted, avoid selecting separate floor tiles, shower wall tiles, and overall tiles. You can break the rule, but the most beautiful thing to incorporate would be to intensify the colorful accent tile with a smaller-scale white penny tile.

Keep everything neat, clean, and classy

Unless you take maintenance into consideration, you could have the most sensational tile combination but still not be satisfied enough because something is missing. And the thing that’s missing is cleanliness and maintenance. You can choose tiles for wet areas around the shower or bath that will make maintenance easy. The best ones are porcelain or ceramic tiles because they are very easy to clean and don’t leave any stains. Don’t apply harsh cleaning chemicals and avoid vacuuming the bathroom as you could scratch the tiles in that manner.

No matter if you choose a subtle variant or go all-in and place bold-colored tiles or vivacious single-colored ones and make a significant transformation, this guide has you covered.