Thursday, April 18

How To Clean Ceiling Fan Blades

According to research, more than 75% of all homes in the United States have ceiling fans. When used properly, they can help reduce summer cooling costs by making the air near the fan feel cooler than it is.

They may look stylish hanging from your ceiling, but did you know that your ceiling fan blades can build up with dust and dirt pretty fast? Instead of ignoring it and cleaning your other surfaces, it’s time to clean your ceiling fan blades!

Are you wondering how to clean ceiling fan blades? Look no further! Here’s how to get the job done.

Turn Off the Power to the Ceiling Fan

It is important to turn off the power to the ceiling fan before cleaning the blades. You don’t want to start cleaning the ceiling fan blades with the power on. So for your safety, make sure that you turn the power off at the circuit breaker.

If you don’t want to take the DIY route of cleaning the ceiling fan blades, then you can hire house cleaning service providers. A company like Rescue My Time Cleaning Service can give your ceiling fan some good cleaning.

Get a Ladder or Step Stool

To start cleaning your ceiling fan blades, you will need to get a ladder or step stool to be able to reach them.

When you can reach and see every corner of the blades, you will be able to clean them properly. This is particularly helpful when the ceiling fan blades are not removable.

Once you have your ladder or step stool in place, you will want to make sure that you are wearing gloves to protect your hands. You will also want to have a dust cloth or brush to help you remove the dirt and dust from the blades.

Vacuum the Blades First

If your ceiling fan is looking a little worse for wear, it might be time to give it a good cleaning. But before you start scrubbing away, vacuum the blades first to remove any dust or cobwebs.

Wipe Them Down With Damp Cloth

Now, wipe down each blade individually to remove any surface dirt. If there is any caked-on dirt or dust, use a microfiber cloth or an old toothbrush to remove any buildup on the blades.

If your fan is really greasy, you might need to use a little bit of dish soap. Just be sure to rinse the blades well afterwards.

Dry the Blades Thoroughly

Once you’ve dusted or cleaned the blades, be sure to dry them thoroughly with a clean microfiber cloth. If you don’t dry the blades properly, they can develop water spots.

Use blade cleaning spray to disinfect the blades and help prevent dust from building up. After drying the blades, they can be put back on the ceiling fan, and the fan can be turned on.

Apply Your Knowledge on How to Clean Ceiling Fan Blades

After following the steps above on how to clean ceiling fan blades, your ceiling fan should be clean and dust-free! Be sure to clean them regularly to keep your ceiling fan running smoothly and efficiently.

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