Saturday, May 18

How Vinyl flooring is suitable for schools?

Schools are places where students go for learning education and skills. Provision of a peaceful environment is vital in the learning process. This may include flooring, furniture, colors of walls and fans etc. In all these necessary items, flooring is one of the requirements for having a perfect environment. Besides from other types of floors, vinyl floor is mostly observed in schools. Vinyl flooring is referred to as a large, flexible and continuous sheet. Unlike other vinyl floor tiles, it is water – impervious. Due to its similarity with other chemical compounds, it is also termed as “linoleum”. It is widely used across the world due to its durability, easy to install, less expensive and variety of designs.

There are some other types of flooring also used in schools. The first choice of every school owner is fiber – bonded carpets. These are made of synthetic fibers which makes it a ribbed and robust product. These are inexpensive and durable. Vinyl is the second most demanded floor type in schools. The main points behind its usage are its water resistivity, durability and easy cleaning process. The cost is little bit higher than fiber bonded carpets while possessing almost the same properties as fiber bonded carpets. It remains bonded to the sub floor and hard wearing. Vinyl flooring is popular for smooth and noise free walking in school areas. Along with the aforesaid two types of flooring, carpet tiles are also used in schools. They are found in multitude of designs and price points. It has numerous advantages but due to lack of awareness in people, so far, it hasn’t got much popularity.

There are some pros and cons of each flooring type, but particularly here some reasons are described to justify how vinyl flooring is suitable for school.

Water Proof:

Vinyl floors are manufactured in a way to remain waterproof. Not only one type but all vinyl types like sheet vinyl, vinyl flooring and vinyl tiles are made of waterproof materials. In homes they are mostly fitted in dump areas like washrooms and basement etc. Due to the careless nature of children, in schools, this feature assists to a larger extent in cleaning and durability of floors.

Cost Saving:

It is cost saving than fiber bonded carpets. Vinyl Sheet is a cheaper type among all other types of vinyl flooring. The cost of material and installation charges are not assumed higher for the owners. Its cost fluctuates due some elements like thickness, type, quality, job complexity and location. All these factors play a role in determination of pricing.


As it is obvious that most vinyl types are made up of synthetic fibers, which are artificial in nature. So, it is easy to create a wide range of different color combinations and remain available in multiple styles and designs. Nevertheless, it becomes easy to choose the best suited color and design for a school and get an attractive look in classrooms.


Since the floors of schools receive heavy foot walking, therefore its chance to wear out is high. A school owner will always love to have a long term durable floor. In this regard, vinyl floor may be a best option which lasts for 10-20 years if installed properly and maintained as per the given directions of the manufacturers. To protect it from deteriorating, an additional layer is placed on its surface.

Easy maintenance:

Due to large exposure to heavy rush, frequent cleaning and maintenance is required in schools which is a tedious job. Vinyl flooring is a solution to this particular problem as it is easy to clean and maintain. Only regular vacuuming can do the job easily.

Fire resistant:

To minimize the human loss in schools in case of emergency, a fire resistant floor should be purchased. Compared to other natural materials like wood, it is safe up to large extent. It serves as a flame – retardant as well as flame – resistant in schools and other facilities.

Along with the remarkable features, Vinyl flooring also has some drawbacks as well. For example, toxic chemicals which add to air pollution inside the rooms. However, still vinyl floor is number one choice for school owners as they find it best suited to their schools