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HVAC Maintenance: How to Properly Care For Your Home HVAC Unit

Regular HVAC maintenance is the key to a comfortable home.

If you don’t want your AC unit to break down in the heat of summer or your furnace to break down in the middle of winter, you need to take care of your home HVAC system. The average HVAC system should last between 15-20 years, but that goes down without proper maintenance.

In this post, we’re going to tell you how to properly care for your HVAC unit so that you can rely on it year-round. If you want to avoid costly repairs, keep reading and keep your HVAC in great shape.

Change Air Filters

Your HVAC unit’s air filters are an important part of making sure the air quality in your home is alright. Over time, the filters become clogged with dust and debris from the outside.

For that reason, you should be changing them every 90 days, or less if they’ve been particularly susceptible to dust. It’s good practice to inspect them every couple of weeks to make sure they’re not too dirty.

When there’s too much dust built up in the filters, your AC unit has to work that much harder to regulate the air in your home. This can both increase your monthly utility bill and result in your HVAC unit breaking down and needing costly maintenance.

Clean Vents and Leave Them Open

If you want to know how to maintain an HVAC unit for long periods of time, it comes down to your vents. You need to ensure that the air is flowing free and clear through the vents. Regular cleanings will improve your home’s air quality and prolong the unit.

It’s also crucial to avoid obstructing your vents with furniture. Walk around your home and figure out if you’ve got any couches, chairs, or dressers in front or on top of your vents.

Some people think it’s smart to close the vents when they’re not in use. In fact, leaving your vents open to let the air flow freely is better because your HVAC unit works holistically. If you’re closing or blocking the vents, it’s got to work harder to heat or cool the rest of the home.

Clean Coils

Ensuring that your condenser and evaporator coils are free from debris, especially for outdoor units, is another important piece of HVAC maintenance advice. If you have a blocked coil, your unit may not even power on.

It’s easy to see when your coils are in need of cleaning, but it’s important to follow instructions and avoid damaging the coils. Damaged coils can cost hundreds of dollars to replace and are best handled by a trained professional.

Regular Inspections

The best thing you can do for the health of your HVAC system is to call in a professional for regular inspections. You can visit and learn more about the value of professional HVAC maintenance.

If you’re unsure of any of the maintenance we’ve discussed here, a professional will be able to help. Beyond that, it’s good to have a professional look at your HVAC system at least once per year to ensure it’s in good working order.

HVAC Maintenance Is Important

Now that you understand the importance of regular HVAC maintenance, you can take the measures to protect your unit. If you pay attention to your home HVAC system, you’ll have it for years to come.

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