Saturday, May 18

New Office: How An Office Design Company Helped Me

Out with the old, in with the new. It has been a cycle that has existed since the beginning of time, which could be various things. When it comes to a business’s office, it could mean moving to a new place and leaving the old one behind. We had to close our brick-and-mortar store to transition online during the circuit breaker. Our employees had to work remotely at home like everyone else. I thought we would be a goner at that time, but we overcame it, and my business grew more than I imagined.

Our office back then did not have enough space to accommodate the new employees we hired during the circuit breaker, so we did what we could do—move to a new and bigger office. My employees loved it when they heard this news and said, ‘there should be new interior design for our new office!’

Office Move Checklist: Factors I Considered When Moving To A New Office

Get Volunteers

Moving to a new office can be challenging, especially if I were to do it alone. When my employees heard the news, many volunteered because they still had belongings left in the office. It took us two days to declutter and pack everything.

Secure Move

Once after packing, we hire professional movers to help us load everything inside the truck. They also helped us disassemble office furniture since it would not fit inside if we left them still intact.

Office Reinstatement Of The Old Workplace

Before we moved to our new office (completely), we called for office reinstatement of the old workplace. We did this to give respect to the next tenant, so they will not have a hard time with the office design of their new office in Singapore.

Rent A Self-Storage Unit

While the office reinstatement service was going on, we had to move some of our office equipment and materials inside a self-storage unit. Otherwise, our chosen commercial interior design company in Singapore would have trouble completing the new interior design for our new office.

Constant Communication

Given that many things are happening with the old workplace and new office, we were glad our chosen interior design company often gives us an update. Whenever they encounter a problem, they seek our opinion and suggest possible solutions. We were thankful for that because their recommendations helped us make an informed decision.

New Office, New Beginning

Even though there are many expenses in moving to a new office, everything was worth it. My business moved to a much bigger space, which only proves that we are growing as we serve more customers. Since an interior design for an office can make or break an impression of potential clients that walk in, you can leverage the design and build a better workplace in Singapore.

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