Wednesday, June 19

Pest Infestation: A Tell Tale Guide to Spotting Critters in Your Home

Did you know that around 2.9 million Americans said they saw rodents and roaches in their houses over a one-year period? If you’re hoping not to see unwelcome critters in your home, you’ll need to be vigilant. When you know the common signs, you can know when to call pest control.

Stick around to learn the tell-tale signs that you have a pest infestation in your home!

Look for Evidence of Nesting

While you might not mind a bird’s nest showing up in a tree, you don’t want to find critter nests in your home. Look for shredded paper or grass near cracks in walls or floorboards. These scraps are an indication that rodents might be building a village behind your walls!

Make a point of photographing these common signs of nesting. And get more info on how pest control can help you stop this problem before it gets worse.

Listen for Noises

Do you hear a scuffling noise in the walls at night? Or maybe you’re hearing high-pitched noises while you’re trying to read?

Any noises that can’t be linked to appliances or people might be evidence of pests. You’re more likely to hear pest-related noises in the nighttime hours, too.

Chirping, squeaking, and moving feet suggest that rats and mice could be in your walls. You could be hearing mice as they call to one another, or as they’re looking for food.

Do You See Chewed Items?

When the weather gets colder, the chances are higher that rats and mice will take refuge in your home. Look for visible indications that they’ve taken up residence.

For instance, you could see stains on upholstered furniture or worn areas. With termites, you could see mounds of sawdust or holes in wooden pieces. And for bed bugs, the telltale rust-colored stains translate to a pest infestation.

While you’re at it, keep your eyes peeled for greasy streaks. Rats, in particular, are known to retrace the same paths and leave grease deposits in their wake.

Consider the Source of Bad Smells

You know what burned vegetables smell like on the stove. And you know what a musty HVAC unit smells like when the furnace kicks on for the first time. But other bad smells may be less familiar.

One of the worst scenarios is if a pest dies somewhere in your home. For example, a rodent may die in a space near your home’s ductwork. If you’re not smelling a fresh scent when you open your dryer, it may be time to call pest control.

Pests may deposit fecal droppings, too. Over time, these can start to smell rancid. Further, the acidic content can eat through furniture and other items.

Get Rid of a Pest Infestation

Dealing with a pest infestation is a hassle that most homeowners will encounter at some point. Listen for unusual noises and keep an eye on suspicious stains or changes to your furniture. And call pest control if you smell something bad that you can’t identify.

Find more ways to keep your home clean and clear of problems. Check back soon for new articles!