Tuesday, February 20

Pro Moving Tips That Will Save You Money, Time and Stress

The spring season is not only an ideal time to be cleaning and decluttering, it is also a season where people are out and about looking for real estate. This generally means that moving and packing is back on the agenda and people are thinking about the upcoming summer days where they can entertain and maybe show off their new humble abode.

People move for many different reasons, it could be for work, a sea change, looking for a bigger place to start a family or if 2020s taught us anything, perhaps moving closer to be with family. If you’re one of the many who plan to move this spring, take a deep breath because we have all the pro tips to help take the stress of moving away whilst saving you time and money.

Move during the week

Did you know that moving mid-week rather than on the weekend will land you a better deal? It’s probably one of the most hidden secrets finding a mover. This is a typical supply versus demand scenario as most people prefer to move house over the weekend. Don’t be afraid to get quotations from removalists for a mid-week move, you may be pleasantly surprised on how much you can save.

There’s no shame in asking

For those who are moving on a budget, it pays to be open and honest about your situation. Whether you’re a senior relocating or a single mum with a strict budget, there’s no shame in asking for a discount because if you don’t ask, you don’t get. Some removalists can be quite understanding or some may be experiencing a quiet period and need the work. They may have a promotion running that you qualify for, so open a discussion and be upfront about it.

Put on you detective cap

Moving a household of furniture along with your family to your new home typically creates an environment built up with stress and pressure. Unfortunately, these situations seem to attract some companies with bad intentions, so before booking in a removalist you need to put on your detective cap. Do your research into moving companies, check their address and contact details, are they licensed and registered? Do they belong to any association to which you can get a reference on? By being proactive and doing your checks now, you can potentially save yourself from a bad moving experience.

Protect you belongings

Damaged or lost items can really stress you out and it’s even worse when an item has sentimental value and is irreplaceable. Insurance for your contents can provide peace of mind knowing that your items are protected against damage, theft and fire. This is the fundamentals of what insurance provides and it ultimately gives you a stress free move, not having to worry whether your items will be lost or damaged. It is recommended that you factor in the costs of insurance when moving house and it will pay for itself if anything does happen.