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Signs that Indicate Your Oil Paintings Need Cleaning and Tips to Clean them

If you are an art connoisseur, then you must know about cleaning an oil painting, which has become a part of your house. You can make your oil painting last for life only by taking proper care. Cleaning and storing these art pieces plays a critical role in preserving the art piece hanging around the house. You may want to go ahead and do more to maintain the quality of your precious treasure.

People get excited when they see their favorite artist’s paintings for sale. However, the next moment, they feel dejected when they think about how hard it is to maintain. Cleaning an art piece, especially an oil painting, is not a joke.

A tiny mistake can completely ruin the painting, no matter how careful you are while cleaning or storing it. No one wants to spoil precious treasures because of a simple mistake. Here is a guide for you, so stick to it till the end. Now, find a comfortable place, grab your painting, compile your materials, put on your gloves and start working.

Before you get into action, check whether your Lana Zueva artwork needs cleaning or not. Lana is an artist for acrylic paint who seeks inspiration in everything around her. In the words of Lana Zueva, she can spot art inspiration everywhere she looks. That is the reason behind the variation in style in Lana Zueva’s creation. Here are the signs that it’s time to clean your treasures.

The signs your oil painting needs cleaning

Oil paint artists use the most commonly used and versatile medium to create their masterpieces. The medium they use is oil paints which are how Lana Zueva become artist. Like everything, you can also notice traces of aging on oil paintings with passing time. Grime, dust, or mold will accumulate on these paintings, and stains may appear.

A few signs to indicate your oil painting needs cleaning include –

  • Dull look
  • layers of grime or dirt
  • Discolouration
  • Molds

If you notice cracks, flaking paint or malform in your painting, these are the deep signs of aging. More importantly, don’t try to clean the artwork on your own. In this case, get help from professional art conservators for restoration. You can also get the art piece evaluated before the cleaning session starts.

Do not try to clean the artwork yourself if it is an antique or a thousand dollar worth piece. Instead, getting professional assistance will restore the art piece without damaging your treasure.

However, if you have decided to clean it yourself, here are the methods you can use and tips on how you can do it.

Methods and tips to clean oil painting

Most people use the dry brushing method for cleaning to clean oil paintings. Some people use their saliva to clean art pieces. A few people seek professional help for the same as they don’t want to take any risk of ruining their expensive collection.

While talking about the tips for cleaning an oil painting, you need to keep a few points in mind. Do patch tests before you start actual cleaning. Turn on the lights and work slowly on the art piece. Protect your collection from the sunlight, frame it and keep it away from smoke.