Tuesday, May 21

Steps To Develop Your Interior Inspiration

Sometimes we need a little bit of inspiration to get the creative juices flowing when beginning changes in our home. It’s easy to get carried away just as easy as it is to feel a mental block when deciding what theme to carry out, and what pieces of furniture to select. We are here to inspire you, and help you decide where to start.

Choosing your colour scheme

There is a wealth of information online about colour schemes and matching prints and patterns. There really is something for everyone here, from jazzy patterns to safe neutral tones. Depending on your personality and preferences, you can select a theme that represents you and your character. 

Our favourites: 

  • Gold and navy 
  • Blue and baby pink
  • Sage, gold, and pink
  • White with black accessories 
  • Neutral hues 
  • Bridgerton / regency core 

Choosing your fabrics 

Fabrics make or break a room, it certainly adds character and depth to your space so you be sure to include this in your design plans. You can take a very plain, square, lifeless space and transform it into a space full of texture and life through the use of fabrics if done right. Dressing your windows with beautiful drapes, or curtains and styling your bed and sofas with scatter cushions and throws breaks up a space and gives you the opportunity to add in colour and pattern in small doses, creating subtle pops of colour and finishing the room beautifully. 

Choosing your furniture

Your furniture is the perfect opportunity to create a statement in your room, creating a focal point for each room. For example, when choosing your bedroom furniture, opt for a bed with a large statement headboard and feature lighting (ideas here), paired with wide side tables and tall bedside lamps or drop pendant lights. If you have the space, pairing two comfortable chairs with a coffee table to create a social area inside your bedroom extends the use of your room further.