Monday, February 26

Why do you need plantation shutters?

We all know about plantation shutters as one of the best window treatment options. However, in recent times, outdoor plantation shutters are also used for outdoor patios, verandahs and porches. They offer superior sophistication to the home and add the value too. You can have outdoor plantation shutters that fit your windows perfectly. All you need to do is to choose the right supplier of plantation shutters.

In this post, we will discuss some of the reasons why you should go to plantation shutters for your home.

Superior Longevity

One of the issues with drapes and blinds made of fabrics is fading due to ageing or UV rays of the sun. Nevertheless, this is not the case with exterior plantation shutters as they are highly durable, strong and powerful compared to drapes and blinds. You don’t have to worry about it losing colour or warping or peeling. You just need to install plantation shutters once and you are done. You don’t have to spend every few years buying new curtains or blinds.

Ease of Cleaning

Most of the homeowners feel cleaning window treatments frustrating and time-consuming. However, with plantation shutters, you don’t need to panic as they are easy to clean and maintain. You don’t even need to hire a professional for the job as you can do it by yourself. All you need to do is to take a damp cloth to wipe over the blades. You don’t need to uninstall and wash them like curtains and drapes. Shutters are easy to clean and maintain.


When it comes to outdoor plantation shutters, you don’t need those hardware items such as curtain rods, drawstrings, and valances which occupy your valuable wall space. Plantation shutters are constructed to fit snugly into any window frame or beams and they require little hardware. Furthermore, you will have total control of light to be allowed in your home. It also protects your valuable belongings from fading and discolouring. Your internal possessions are safe. In addition to that, you can also ensure privacy as these shutter blades are thick and when closed, no prying eyes can see inside.

Variety of Styles

There is a wide range of styles available in plantation shutters. You can have entire window coverings, half window coverings, closet-like panels or bi-fold panels for your home. Also, you can have custom-made exterior plantation shutters that can be lifted when you want to wash the windows.

Choice of Materials

There are three popular choices when it comes to materials used in plantation shutters: PVC, Natural wood and Aluminium plantation shutters. PVC shutters and wooden shutters are the same, but the former is a cost-effective option. You can choose the material as per your personal preferences and decoration themes. You can also stain or paint your shutters to give that sophisticated, classy and elegant look. Furthermore, you can also add special coatings to the finished dressings to prevent peeling, flaking and warping of shutters.

Added Security

Nowadays, window plantation shutters are available with a locking option. You can lock the shutters to prevent any entry attempts by invaders and trespassers. It gives additional security measures to your home. This locking option also can get you a discount on your homeowner’s insurance, which is an added benefit.

Lesser energy consumption

If you are annoyed with huge electricity bills, plantation shutters can give you some relief there. Plantation shutters keep the heat away from your home in summers and keep the home warm in winters, reducing the electricity consumption. You will be delighted to see reduced electricity bills once you have plantation shutters installed in your home.

Plantation Shutters Improve Appearance

While drapes and curtains make your room look smaller due to occupied space, plantation shutters give the room a spacious look. Also, drapes and curtains take up most of the visual effects of a room, but plantation shutters do the exact opposite. It can give you a superior spacious view of the room and you can use additional wall space to decorate it with paintings or portraits.

Touch of Elegance

One of the key benefits of plantation shutters is they offer an elegant, charming look to the home. For example, bi-fold shutters can replace interior or exterior doorways such as bathrooms and bedrooms and give a magnificent, old-styled look to the room. Also, it can fit with the existing décor of the home.

Add Value to Your Property

Plantation shutters are considered as permanent attachments to the home once they are installed. If you want to sell your home with plantation shutters, there are high chances that you will get a good amount than expected. Even real estate agents support this claim. They believe that homes with plantation shutters are easy to sell at the best prices compared to homes without plantation shutters. It adds some value to your property which will never peel or warp.


When you are shopping for outdoor aluminium plantation shutters, it is important to hire a local company that can offer more personalised services. Choose the style and material of your choice and add value to your home, while enjoying a sophisticated look that plantation shutters have to offer.