Wednesday, June 19

5 Plumbing Problems Homeowners May Experience

Did you know that 10 percent of homes in the United States of America have small plumbing problems that waste a significant amount of water each day? Residential plumbing is one of the most important aspects of living in sanitary and clean conditions. Your home plumbing system brings you clean water for bathing and washing dishes.

It also works to carry your waste away from your home. Plumbing issues could result in your waste making its way back into your home. Not only will this smell terrible but it will also result in the need for costly plumbing repairs.

The good news is that you’re in the right place to learn about five common plumbing problems that you should identify and avoid if possible. Keep reading to learn more.

  1. Dripping Faucets

The most iconic of all plumbing problems is the dripping faucet. This plumbing problem is equally annoying and costly, but knowing what causes this problem will help you prevent it. Most faucets drip due to a worn-out O-ring which is cheap and easy to replace.

If your faucet is leaking then there are free drip calculators that will help you determine how much water you’re wasting. You should also consider calling a plumber for help from these plumbing services.

  1. Leaky Pipes

Leaky pipes are another one of the common plumbing problems you’ll encounter as a homeowner. Leaky pipes happen due to clogs in your drains, pipe joint damage, as well as excessive amounts of water pressure. If you find that your home has leaky pipes then you need to call a plumber and schedule repairs as soon as possible.

  1. Running Toilets

Running toilets is also one of the annoying plumbing problems that you’ll encounter at some point. Nothing is worse than relieving yourself and flushing the toilet only to notice that it is still running ten minutes later. Your toilet’s flapper seals could be worn-out or you might have problems with your refill tube.

  1. Lack of Water Pressure

Having weak water pressure is frustrating because you’ll have a hard time doing anything that you need to do, from washing your hands to doing the laundry. If your home has low water pressure then it could be a symptom of some much larger issues.

Low water pressure could happen from pipe corrosion, water leaks within your home, or cracked sewer lines. It is a good idea to start calling a plumber for help if you have low water pressure.

  1. Clogged Drains

Clogged drains are also one of the common plumbing problems that often need plumbing repairs. Clogged drains will result in health issues for you and your family if you don’t schedule plumbing repairs. It is often a sign of home plumbing system issues or sewer system problems.

Now You Know the Plumbing Problems to Look Out For

There are a number of plumbing problems that the average homeowner will experience at some point or another during their time at that home. Keeping an eye out for these issues with your residential plumbing will keep your family safe and prevent damage to your home. If you see any of these issues make sure that you’re calling a plumber for help.

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