Tuesday, May 21

5 Tips for Protecting Outdoor Furniture During Winter

According to the latest industry trends report, American consumers spent approximately $15 billion decking their yards with outdoor furniture in 2020.

If you enjoy spending quality time with loved ones throwing family barbecues or want a nice hammock to watch the sunset, you need to know all about protecting outdoor furniture.

This is essential because you do not want your favorite lawn chair succumbing to a rough storm as you lose money. Here are 5 times about how to store outdoor furniture during winter and why this matters significantly.

1. Anchoring

If you live in places with high winds, you may need to secure your outdoor furniture to prevent it from flying away to Oz. The best thing to do is stack all your chairs and tie them down.

This will keep them in place if they are not in use. You must also bring in all cushions and close your umbrella. If you do not have enough space inside the house, you can also tie your cushions to chairs.

After tying or “anchoring” everything, you should cover it all with a large tarp to protect your outdoor furniture in winter from rain, hail, and powerful gusts.

2. Spray Shields

Cushion fabrics require care to continue looking pretty for all your guests. Therefore, you should always keep a spray-on shield for your cushions, umbrellas, and pillows that are made of water-repellent materials.

You can find a spray in most hardware stores. These dry quickly without leaving behind any foul odor on your outdoor furniture. Then you can effectively continue protecting outdoor furniture without it fading or turning yellow.

3. Extra Covers

The more outdoor furniture you cover, the easier life will be. Covers are great for protecting outdoor furniture from harmful UV rays or precipitation. You can find covers for all types of furniture.

However, you must ensure that these fit each piece correctly. If you have any loose covers, they will fly off with the wind or allow water and snow to seep in.

Then you risk all your cushions getting covered in mold, making it dangerous for you to breathe.

4. Wax Furniture

If you own any furniture made of metal or aluminum, you can protect these with a layer of paste wax.

This acts like sunscreen for your furniture, especially since the sun’s rays during winter should never be underestimated.

Wax effectively provides an extra layer of protection for your outdoor furniture if you are on a tight budget and want something quick.

5. Shaded Areas

During winter, you risk dealing with damp and cold furniture exposed to harsh temperatures. Therefore, it is always best to get shaded areas to protect your lawn chairs and tables.

Instead of making your yard look unappealing with tarps and tied-up chairs, you can leave the furniture as it is under a sophisticated pergola. Click here for the best custom pergola design.

Protecting Outdoor Furniture

Now that you know what goes into protecting outdoor furniture, you need to act fast. Winters can be harsher if you are unprepared. The quickest way to protect outdoor furniture is by tying it down and covering everything with a tarp.

However, this can make your outdoor area look dull. If you want a vibrant space where you can still entertain guests without winter interrupting your backyard party, you should investigate getting your own stylish pergola.

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