Friday, June 21

5 Tips to Plan Your Housewarming Party in Style

Moving to a new house is a big event in every person’s life and hence calls for a big celebration as well as planning. If you are also planning to move to a new home then here are the 5 tips to plan this event successfully in your budget. 


  • Whom to invite? – This is the first thing to do as entire planning depends on the number of people you are planning to invite. Your guest list should be ready before you plan for other things. While you will be happy to invite your friends and family, it is also important to include your new neighbours to the list. This is the best way to make your moving announcements
  • How to invite? – This is the next thing to plan. You can go an invite your guests personally or send them mail or make a phone call based on your convenience. Specially designed housewarming party invites would make your invitation look more attractive and attention grabbing. Check for the best designs to make a unique invite!
  • Where to invite? – Yes, you will have to decide the venue. Hire an event management company and they will take care of everything starting from invitation, venue planning, to entire event management. If planning the event yourself, then look for the venue according to number of guests and proximity to all. 
  • When to invite? – The date and time should be in your mind before you get your invites ready. The timing should be planned such that all your guests can easily attend the event. Based on the working and non-working guest proportion, you can plan your event on working day or holiday. 

  • And the final planning – When you have all the above questions answered, it’s time to do the final planning. The decorations, food, return gifts, music, and the cake! There are many things to be planned to make your event memorable forever. This can be done with the help of event management companies or by little brainstorming sessions with your friends and family. 


A little hard work and lot of imagination would make your housewarming even memorable. Plan in time to get the best results.