Saturday, April 20

9 Creative Ways To Repurpose Your Dryer Lint

Anyone who has been constantly using a dryer knows how dryer lint build-up can cause too much of a headache. It prompts regular dryer vent cleaning Leesburg — or else, you’d suffer from the consequences of a clogged vent, which include but are not limited to higher utility bills and a higher risk of fire. Did you know that every year, dryer lint build-up reportedly cause around 2,900 fires in the United States?

However, these flammable fluffs offer a flipside to this negative story. While their presence is inevitable, you can harness them and use them for other purposes instead of sending them out to the trash. In this article, we’re giving you nine creative ideas on how you can repurpose your dryer lint.

Firestarters. As stated, dryer lint is incredibly flammable. Instead of it causing a fire emergency, why not use it wisely instead? On your next camping trip, make sure to bring along these fluffs (you can wrap the lint with wax paper then twist it) to help light a fire in larger pieces of wood.

Mulch. If you have a green thumb and you own several outdoor and indoor plants, you can also use dryer lint as a mulch for them — especially during wintertime when these plants need to stay warm and retain water better.

Compost material. Do you also have a compost pile in your home? If you’re looking for an additional compost material, might as well use the dryer lint you’ll gather after you’ve done a dryer vent cleaning Leesburg — they will naturally break down in the soil. Be careful not to use them though if you use dryer sheets when you do your laundry.

Packing material. Dryer lint is also known to provide great cushion. Use them when you need to send or move something that can get easily broken while being transported. By doing so, you won’t have to spend money just to buy a quality packing material.

Pet bedding. Dryer lint is also useful if you have small mammals as pets in your home — for instance, mice, hamsters, or guinea pigs. If you’re not using a cage heater, you can add lint to their cage to serve as nesting of sorts. If you have a heater, don’t even attempt to do this one as it can spark a fire.

Birds nest. Speaking of nests, you can also help out birds in your area create their own home using dryer lint. Simply stock them up outside your home and let the birds freely fly into your place and get dryer lint for their nests.

Stuffing for handicrafts. After fulfilling your obligation of doing a regular dryer vent cleaning Leesburg, you can unleash the creativity in you and use dryer lint as stuffing for your handicrafts like DIY-made dolls and pillows.

Stationery. Are you a fan of stationery? Now’s your time to create homemade ones if you’ve got enough supply of dryer lint. Mix with warm water, sift through it through a mesh to create an even layer, let it dry, and take any moisture out before removing it from the mesh.

Yarn. If you know how to spin fiber into yarn, you can repurpose your dryer lint by re-spinning it and creating a new yarn out of it.

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