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A Few Amazing Things To Know About Quartz Countertops

Everything You Need to Know About Quartz Counter tops

Granite has been considered the undisputed heavyweight of Kitchen countertops in Toronto for a long. However, most homeowners who are considering a Kitchen renovation want to look beyond Granite.  This phenomenon has shifted the emphasis towards engineered stone or quartz countertops Toronto, whether to save money or to settle for a more fascinating conversation piece. 

Quartz was often viewed as an alternative to granite. However, the second place is no longer retained by it. It easily overtakes granite as a de facto option for counter space as its aesthetic and practicality benefits. If that sparks your curiosity and you have planned to begin an investigation, you certainly did not know about seven things in Quartz.


  • An Engineered Stone


Quartz countertops are produced by combining Quartz minerals in various amounts with the resin. The most common ratio of resin is 7% quartz is 93%. The resin attaches the crystals to produce an almost impregnable surface which remains impermeable to heat, discoloration, and scratches.


  • More Greenish Than Natural Stones 


As Quartz is the world’s second more ample mineral found on the earth’s surface, it is much easier to collect than granite. it is available only in the chosen countries from where it is supplied to Toronto and elsewhere in Canada.


  • Quartz Compete For Granite


The main thing homeowners want to know is how Quartz works when compared to granite. It is about five times harder than granite. The resin makes it utterly non-porous throughout its lifespan. Therefore, you never have to reseal it. It contains no microbes and is unprotected from stains.


  • Available In Various Designs


quartz is available in a variety of shades, many of them are as spectacular as the most exotic natural stone. And for additional pop, ask the Quartz slab supplier for recycled glass pieces or metal flecks.


  • Quartz Is Produced In Canada 


You can select quartz that has mined in Toronto, ON, and Quebec as opposed to natural stone that is shipped from Italy, Brazil, and Africa. It not only reduces the environmental effects but also lets you contribute to the economy.


  • Quartz Is Prevalent 


It can be found in a wide variety of applications because of its immense durability. Quartz can be seen anywhere from the fireplace around the laundry room to the outdoor Kitchen in Toronto. Have you ever talked of using a single stone sheet for the backsplash or the shower enclosure? For Quartz, this is entirely probable.