Thursday, February 22

Add Aesthetic Vibe to Your Home with Modern Lamps

22 Minimalist Lighting Ideas to Upgrade Your Interiors

People cannot stay in the dark, isn’t it? So, lighting up your home is inevitable. What if your light provides style as well? There are numerous lights and lamps available in the market. The more you explore the more you can discover. Light and lamps are no more restricted in just providing light, it also gives a cool look in your home Designer Lamps gives a fantastic look to your home. You can explore this website QualityHomeDistribution for classy lamp collections. They have brought incredible lamps for your home. 

Types of lights and lamps

There are more than thousands of types of lamps and light in all shapes and sizes. Here is a brief idea about the types of lamps. 

Filamented lamps

These lamps contain a filament that is headed by current flow. Filament lamps are differentiated into two kinds of lamps. They are:

  • Incandescent Lamp-Their filament is placed in a vacuum-sealed bulb. The glow in the bulb is caused by the passing of electrical current via filament.
  • Halogen Lamps-In halogen lamps filaments are surrounded by halogen which releases electrons when it is heated. These lamps last longer than any other lamp.

Discharge Lamps

Discharge lamps emit electrical current via gas vapor mix. Discharge lamps are of two types:

  • Fluorescent lamps-Electric current and low-pressure mercury vapor are discharged by fluorescent lamps producing ultraviolet energy-generating ultraviolet radiation which converts into visible light. 
  • High-intensity discharge lamps-These lamps are formed by arc tubes which are surrounded by metal gas

The metal salt evaporates when the arc has been formed which results in an increment of intensity and reduction of power consumption of that arc.


This light contains semi heat conductor materials that change electrical impulses into the light. They also include fluorescent materials. LEDs are almost like CFL lights but LEDs are more efficient and long-lasting.

These were all about the lights and their mechanics. Now let’s talk about the lamps. There are many classy as well as gorgeous lamps on the above-mentioned websites from hanging lamps to standing lamps. The names of their lamps are:

  • Ostrich feather lamp: It’s a standing lamp with ostrich-like feathers as the shade of the bulb. You can place it near your couch which will give an ultra-modern look.
  • Nordic Hanging glass lamp: These are super classy lamps just perfect for your living room. The shiny glass steals the show. 

There are a lot more lamps you should have a look at.

Investing your hard-earned money in these lamps will be a good idea as these are long-lasting trendy and perfect for your personality.