Friday, June 21


Just like the front and back door, bathroom security is equally important. The ability to properly secure your bathroom door while you take a shower home alone gives you peace of mind, especially for the ladies.

As you plan to renovate your home and better secure your bathroom, it is best to consult a locksmith ahead of the work being started. The reason being, your locksmith will advise you on the ideal lock system depending on your bathroom.

It is good to note that bathroom locks are, in most cases, geared towards maintaining an individual’s privacy. As you renovate your home, there are a few things to bear in mind when installing security locks in your bathroom.

Let’s delve into specifics.

  • Level of privacy

As earlier stated, the sole purpose of installing bathroom locks is to ensure maximum privacy. As such, they type of lock you go for, primarily depends on your preferred level of security.

When purchasing bathroom locks, do not put much thought into how safe you will be inside. The reason being, there is a high chance that the door has a hollow core. Meaning, it is not meant to protect you. The only thing that should concern you is how much privacy you want the people using the room to have.

Chances are, you are not the only one living in the house. Your children could also need to use the bathroom. If there are small kids who need monitoring, it would be best to fit the bathroom with locks that are easily opened. However, it should also be able to keep out people who have unintentionally and accidentally tried to open the door.

  • Ease of access during an emergency

The bathroom is a room that people are most likely to suffer slips and falls. Because injuries are more rampant in the bathroom, it is wise to have a lock security system where an outsider can have access to the room in case of such emergencies.

Bathroom doors can be broken down easily. However, due to the expense you might suffer afterward, it is better to have an ideal security lock system in case you need emergency entry. What’s more, breaking the door is dangerous for both you and the injured party.

  • Locking complexity

When looking for the perfect locking system for your bathroom, go for one that is simple enough to be appropriately used by all the relevant parties in your home. This is particularly important for the elderly and people with physical disabilities.

When hiring a professional bathroom renovations company, go for one that offers safe security locks that lock one-way. This way, no one can lock another person from the outside.

If you go for locks with a complex locking mechanism, there is a high chance that you might lock yourself in the bathroom. However, this is not an excuse to go for substandard locks that are not durable.

  • Bypass simplicity

You also need to have a security lock system that is not too complex to bypass in case someone has locked themselves in the bathroom. Also, it should not be too simple as to compromise the intended level of privacy.