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Bi-fold Door v/s Sliding Door – What Is the Difference?

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Doors are of great significance in the designing of a house. The first thing that a guest notices when he enters your home is your door. A wrong door at the wrong place makes the house look messy and unpleasant. There are different door designs and types to choose from these days. Two of the most popular styles are the bi-fold doors and the sliding doors. Both look appealing and modern in their way.

Both bi-fold and sliding doors provide a great garden view and look like wall-sized windows. If you want to make your house look bright and you have a great garden, then these two are the best choices for you. SCHUCO ASS70FD’ is the best choice for a bi-fold door for your home. If you are looking for affordable and the best quality of bi-fold doors, visit:

Do you want to know, which one is the best for your house? Here’s what will help you decide:

Bi-fold doors

They usually hang from the top track and open in a concertina fashion. It only requires one-meter space in the inside or the outside for folding the panels. The panels can be folded inward or outward depending on the space available. 

A Bi-fold door is the best choice if you want to open the entire wall between your garden and your house. This way, you can enjoy your tea along with a gorgeous garden view and fresh air from the outside while sitting in your living room.

Sliding Doors

As the name suggests, sliding doors slide towards one side of the wall and it opens up to 65%. They are usually made with large panels of glasses attached with a frame on all sides of the panel. A sliding door is convenient for places where there are large openings and the owner is ready to spare 35% of its space.

You can open a sliding door according to your convenience. If it is too cold outside, and you want some natural cooling inside, you can open the door slightly. If you want to go out to the garden, you can open it up as much it can.

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Slide v/s fold – The difference between them

  • Bi-fold doors open in a concertina fashion whereas the sliding door slides towards either side of the wall.
  • A Bi-fold door does not take much space on the side of the wall whereas a sliding door takes up to 35% of the space.
  • Large glass panels are not used in bi-fold doors, which results in vertical double frames, but sliding doors are made with large glass panels that can have only one frame. 
  • A bi-fold door needs space on the outside or inside for opening whereas a sliding door does not need space on the outside or the inside.
  • A bi-fold door requires more hardware than the sliding door.
  • A sliding door opens as per your convenience whereas a bi-fold door has options of single or double openings.