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Choosing the Best Propane Furnace for You: A Guide

Do you need a new furnace? There is nothing worse than running out of heat when you need it most. But how can you pick the best propane furnace fast?

Propane has been around for over 100 years, and over 50 million American households currently use it. It offers many benefits for your home, such as that it is safe, burns clean, and can power all of your house. Or you can stick with certain appliances, such as a propane gas furnace.

Some people debate between furnace types such as electric furnace vs. propane. Propane’s benefits burn out electric furnaces. A propane boiler furnace is more efficient, costs less to operate, and offers long-term savings.

So what are you waiting for? Read on to learn how to pick the best propane furnace for your needs.

Propane Gas Furnace Types

First, shop around to learn the different types of propane gas furnaces on the market. There are units for residential use and commercial buildings, where there may be other heating demands.

Also, there is usually a wide range of heating capacities and stages of heat, such as single-stage or modulating heat. Single-stage furnaces can be less efficient. Dual systems are more efficient and are sometimes known as condensing furnaces.

Size of Propane Boiler Furnace

A propane gas furnace also comes in different sizes, so you can find one that heats a larger home or a mobile home. Measure the area that will have the propane furnace installation and what models are possible in that space.

You can use an online British Thermal Units (BTUs) calculator to determine what sized propane furnace you need for your home. One that is too large will take up a lot of space, cause temperature fluctuations, and waste energy. If it is too small, your home will not be warm enough, and it can break quickly.

Furnace Features

One of the essential features to look for is the efficiency of the furnace. The best propane furnace will have high efficiency, so they turn nearly all the available propane energy into heat. Always look for Energy-Star certified units, such as the ones at

You can also consider other features such as noise and temperature control, such as airflow and humidity levels. A good-quality propane gas furnace should be quiet and control the temperature accurately.

Propane Furnace Prices

Although you want the best propane furnace, it has to be the best propane furnace for your wallet too. Weigh up whether the initial investment will be worth the extra long-term savings for higher energy efficiency. Also, factor in costs for propane furnace installation too.

The Best Propane Furnace Company

You also need to make sure the propane gas furnace company is reputable to ensure you get the best propane furnace for your needs. Check they are licensed, offer propane furnace installation and warranties. It is also a good idea to check customer reviews for the specific propane boiler furnace and also the company. Check out the top options for Propane Gas Delivery Services in Boerne TX in advance to avoid last minute delays.

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