Tuesday, December 5

Concrete Driveways: Cleaning and Sealing

Outdoor surfaces are often neglected by many household owners because they are innately durable. While this is truly the case, there are some parts and areas that still require attention as they tend to deteriorate after years or decades. One example of this is a concrete driveway, which has also led to the debate and discussion of which material is the best concrete driveway sealer in Australia. We’ll talk about that more in this article, but we have to get down to the basics first.

If you’re looking to buy the best concrete driveway sealer in Australia, then you have to be prepared so that your efforts and money spending won’t go to waste. First of all, you have to inspect whether your driveway is clean. By clean, we mean that it is stain and heavy dirt free. Oil and grease are the common stains that you can find in any concrete, and unfortunately, they are pretty hard to scrape off or remove. You can still however try your best, however, options in the market for removing these stains are quite limited and expensive.

When dealing with stains, you must keep yourself safe, so make an effort to at least get some protective clothing or a mask to avoid getting any stains or debris in your skin before even applying the best concrete driveway sealer in Australia.

After cleaning, wetting the concrete with a pressure hose washer is important as it would also serve as a secondary cleaning technique that would help you seal a lot more effectively.

Now into the driveway sealer types and materials. There has been a huge surge of these in the market because of demand, and because of how people viewed sealing their driveways important. While all of these types are good individually, we’re still here to explain each of them and try to distinguish which is the best among them.

First off is the penetrating type. This type of garage floor sealer works well for sealing the concrete down below the surface. A chemical barrier is formed that acts as a shield for any types of intrusion that would plague the driveway for years. It’s a bit complicated and not recommended for first-time users. Acrylic on the other hand is our choice when it comes to budget and also simplicity. Its application is straightforward and you might even not need a professional to install one for you. Lastly is epoxy, which is the most durable among the rest of the types. They’re not usually used for commercial or household buildings, but they are optional if you want to prolong the lifespan of your driveway for many years to come.

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