Tuesday, May 21

Common Reasons For HVAC System Breakdown

Most HVAC systems are reliable in terms of performance but it does not mean that something won’t go wrong with the system. The root cause of most system breakdowns is an issue with its common parts. Some of the issues can be handled easily but to avoid further complications, it is suggested to seek professional assistance to deal with the problem.

Common problems with the HVAC system

  • Condenser fan motor not working – the condenser fan motor transfers heat from the refrigerant system to the outdoor air to prevent the condenser from over-heating. A common problem can usually be traced on the contactors which can be found in the compressor and blower motors. Contactors can wear out due to pitting that forms on the contactor. If left unattended, pitting can affect the passage of electric current and cause failure on the condenser fan motor. Capacitors may burn out and affect the HVAC’s functionality.
  • Dirty condenser coil – condenser coils can be found outside with the compressor and exposed to various elements. This means that the coil can get dirty and block airflow. The condenser coil has to be cleaned annually with a water hose when the system is not operational.
  • Evaporator blower motor blown fuse – the fuse protects the evaporator blower motor from overheating while the system is heating the environment. If the breaker has disengaged, the blown fuse would require replacement.
  • Thermostat is not lit up – there are instances when the thermostat was accidentally turned off or it has the wrong settings. If the thermostatic expansion valve is not functioning, the batteries may require changing.
  • Non-performing compressor – the compressor is the heart of the HVAC system. When the system is undercharged with refrigerant liquid, the compressor can run hot and stop operating. When it is overcharged, liquid refrigerant can get back to the compressor and result to liquid slugging. The AC system must always have the correct amount of liquid refrigerant to ensure the efficient performance of the system.
  • Dirty and clogged air filters – is one of the common reasons for system breakdown. When a clogged filter is not changed immediately, it can reduce airflow and cause the system to freeze. This is an issue that can be easily avoided by changing air filters monthly.
  • Grime in the duct system – when grime and other organic materials build up in the duct system, it causes water to flow back in and overflow the drain pan. Water can leak over to the entire system and cause damage.

Most of the issues with the HVAC are preventable and can be fixed easily by cleaning. It won’t hurt to undertake preventive maintenance regularly to avoid expensive repairs and replacements. It is very important to ensure an efficient performance for the HVAC system to save on energy bills.

Meanwhile, you can easily call HVAC repair Chicago if there are problems with the system. An expert team is available 24/7 to provide reliable and fast emergency service for fair prices. The most appropriate solutions will be provided to make sure that the HVAC runs smoothly and efficiently at all times.